What is "NT" In Valorant?

Learning Valorant slang can be quite tricky for a lot of people, especially newer players and those finally trying out FPS or tactical shooters.

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NT is still a surprisingly unknown term for a lot. I ©Epic Games

Imagine you're about to clutch out the round of your life - score's 12-11 against your team, you need to pull off an insane 4v1 to send the game to OT. Slowly but surely they go down, miraculously with how little HP you had left you manage to kill the entire team.

Sadly, the bomb goes off - your amazing clutch down the drain, you lose the game. It's not all for nothing, as you see someone type "NT" in chat. Surely it can only mean a positive thing, right?

Why People Type "NT" In Valorant Chat

If your first thought is to believe NT is something positive, we're glad to tell you you are indeed correct! Surprisingly, plenty of people are still unfamiliar with such FPS lingo, which isn't exclusive to Valorant.

So what does it actually mean? Well that's easy- nice try. That's it, no deeper meaning, it's a simple courteous message polite players type when a round doesn't go their way despite the team's best efforts.

In that sense, similar to things like "GG," it can and it's often used ironically, usually by tryhard Jett players who feel their team isn't letting them enter site with enough backup or utility. Just don't bring up how much they whiff because you'll be labeled as toxic.

Regardless, if you're new to Valorant, it's classy etiquette to type it. It might not mean a lot, but even if you're shy to talk via voice chat, showing support via text can be the difference between lifting someone's morale and watching them frag or dragging them down breaking their spirit and eagerness to perform well.

Oh, and before we forget, showing good sportsmanship is a great way of trying to get your hands on those elusive and exclusive Riot Gun Buddies, so try typing NT in chat more often!

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