When Are Emotes Coming To Valorant?

Leaks suggested Riot Games will implement new cosmetics for players to collect and grind in Valorant. Here's everything we know so far.

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Emotes would be a massive hit. I ©Riot Games

It seems Riot Games got a lot of work done while delaying patch 5.03 of Valorant. The devs announced that a new update would have to be pushed a further week to focus on some game maintenance, and it seems part of their behind the scenes work included testing of a new form of cosmetics - emotes!

Emotes are a perfect way to showcase some kind of personality for characters in multiplayer games. Titles such as Overwatch or Fortnite have a vast gallery of them, being also a great source of monetization for free-to-play games and developers.

While Valorant is a tactical FPS, it seems Riot has found a way to implement them without letting them being used to create in-game advantages such as using them for peeking angles safely while in third-person.

Emotes In Valorant - When Are They Coming?

According to highly reliable leaker ValorLeaks, emotes are being worked by Riot Games, however, they are seemingly still in the development phase and are not confirmed to be in the game as of this moment.

Some other things worth pointing out are that they will, if implemented, follow a similar pattern to Fortnite - stationary and will have a third-person perspective.

As mentioned, this raises questions regarding potential advantages when used during rounds. If players can rotate the camera to have a more in-depth view of their surroundings, what would stop them from using emotes clear corners safely? Of course, this is mere speculation and we believe Riot is smart enough to have thought of this scenario.

The potential to create new cosmetics for players to chase is limitless, and given how Valorant has such a lively cast of characters, fans would very much appreciate seeing them interact in some other way than killing and teabagging each other.

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