What Does "Carry" Mean In Valorant?

Lots of Valorant players have made and interpreted other words for the game's purposes. But some players, especially new ones, don't have a clue about what these slangs mean, including "carry".

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What is the meaning behind "Carry" in Valorant!? | © Riot Games

If you're Bronze but play like a Radiant, you may notice your score being significantly higher than all of the other players. You're playing like a pro, winning 1v5's Clutches, and even ending the match in a 13-0.

During the match near its end, you may notice some players including the enemies saying "carry" or "back hurts of carry". If you don't know what that means, let's go ahead and find out the meaning behind "Carry" in Valorant!

Why People Type "Carry" In Valorant Chat

As you might have considered, "carry" has a good meaning behind it. To "carry" in Valorant means to boost and win for your teammates who are much worse in terms of gameplay than you. The meaning is basically in the word - carrying your teammates on your back towards victory.

What the term stands for doesn't change, but its meaning can vary depending on who writes it. If a teammate says you're carrying them, it's positive because they commend you on your skills and aim. But if an enemy says you're carrying your team, then they're disrespecting your teammates who have much worse scores.

Though how can you "carry" your team to victory? First thing first, you'll have to improve your aim. Even if you know how to perfectly use your main agent's abilities, your aim determines if you win the duel. But if you don't know how to use your agent's abilities, then you won't be able to create possibilities to your advantage for duels!

And that's everything you need to know about the meaning behind "carry" in Valorant. Are you interested in Valorant's terms, slang, and the game overall? Then you should definitely visit our Instagram account for more Valorant content!