How To Gain XP Fast In Valorant

XP points are the reward people get for finishing game mode matches. This article will guide you on how to gain it faster and understand it better.

XP Screen Valorant
Post Match EXP Reward Screen | © Riot Games

Experience Points are crucial if you are planning on unlocking new agents or grinding your Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is free initially, with a limited amount of rewards i.e. 1 per every odd chapter number and 2 per even chapter number.

Valorants Reward System

As stated before, Valorant rewards its players by giving them EXP and RR, with the difference that to gain RR you must win your competitive matches. Since this article is solely about gaining XP faster, we will stick to the EXP part. Gaining EXP can be done by playing any game mode or completing the weekly and daily missions.

Gaining EXP Through Game Modes

Valorant Game Modes
All of the currently available game modes | © Riot Games

We know that most of you have never touched any mode apart from Unrated or Competitive but we strongly suggest you do as you will enjoy all of them!

To give you a better understanding of how gaining EXP through game modes works, this is how much you will gain per match:

  • Competitive, Replication, Unrated - 100 EXP per round played & 200 EXP per round won
  • Spike Rush - 1000 EXP per match played
  • Deathmatch - 900 EXP per match played
  • Escalation - 800 EXP per match & 200 EXP bonus when winning

Gaining EXP Through Squad Boost

Valorant encourages players to enjoy the game with friends.

They do this by increasing the amount of EXP you earn from the matches by a percentage that depends on the Squad Size:

  • Duo Stack - 8% Increase
  • Three Stack - 12% Increase
  • Four players in a party - 16% Increase
  • Five Stack - 20% Increase

Squad Boost is currently not available in Valorant as it's a "Seasonal Event" that last time occurred on December 22nd and lasted until the 5th of January 2022.

Gaining EXP Through Missions

Missions Valorant
Missions are an EXP Mine | © Riot Games

There are two types of Missions: Daily and Weekly. Hence their name, one gets reset daily and the other ones weekly. You will get two unique daily missions that will award you 2000 EXP each and three weekly missions organized in sets within an Act. If you don't know what Acts are and how they are organized, check our Valorant Rank System Explained: RR, MMR & More article where we have an in-depth explanation of the topic.

How To Gain XP Faster

XP points are needed for:

  • Battle Pass Levels
  • Contracts

The Battle Pass is a Seasonal cosmetic system that can be bought to later grind. Leveling up the Battle Pass will give you skins of all sorts so leveling it up is crucial if you've decided to buy it. Contracts on the other hand are used for Agent Unlocks and other perks that come with it. The fastest way to Gain XP depends on how much time you are willing to spend on Valorant.

Dot Exe Vandal BP
One of the most liked Battle Pass skins of all time | © Riot Games

Obviously, the fast lane would be to play Unrated/Competitive or even better Replication as on average you would gain around 4500 EXP per competitive match won, or around 3000 if lost. Replication gives the same EXP rewards as in Unrated or Competitive with the difference that replication is played best of nine, or first to five with 20 seconds shorter rounds. On top of that, Replication is played in a casual mode compared to the other two, and players play more freely which results in shorter rounds in general.

Missions are your must-finish tasks as they give a HUGE amount of EXP. The three weekly missions if done will earn you around 46000 EXP, and together with the daily missions, you can earn a total of 74000 EXP per week.

To summarize:

  • Competitive/Unrated will earn you from 1300 up to 5000 EXP per game (else the game goes to draw) - these games last around 40 minutes
  • Spike Rush lasts about 10 to 15 minutes and will always give you 1000 EXP
  • Deathmatch lasts a bit shorter than Spike Rush, around 8 to 9 minutes on average, and will always give you 900 EXP

If you've got the time, Competitive/Unrated or Replication will almost always reward your time with a good amount of EXP. If you haven't got the time, doing your missions on Spike Rush (if possible) can help you gain XP faster in the long run.

We hope this article helped your struggles and if you are in need of any other guide make sure to visit our Valorfeed Guides section where we have Anything Valorant related to help you out.