How To Appear Offline In Valorant

It's said that multiplayer games are often better enjoyed with friends, but maybe you're in the mood to SoloQ for a bit, here's how you can go online without being noticed.

Viper offline
Sometimes you just want to SoloQ I ©Riot Games

The Riot Games client, whether you're playing League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, or Valorant, doesn't actually let you go offline while playing. Why? Beats us honestly, being such a simple feature many other services boast.

Going offline is just comforting sometimes - maybe that one player you popped off in ranked with is pestering you so that you can carry them again, maybe you only logged in to check the Valorant in-game shop, or maybe you're betraying your usual squad playing with a group of people that are better at the game.

If that last one is your case, first up shame on you, and secondly, we totally get why you want to appear offline, which is why we're here to help!

Can You Go Offline In Valorant?

Deceived is the perfect tool to appear offline I ©Deceive

The quick answer is yes, you can go offline in Valorant (and other Riot titles for that matter), however, is not as simple as you might think, requiring you to download a third-party software called Deceive.

Fair warning, while the program is not any sort of cheats like an aimbot or wallhacks, it is a third-party program tampering with Riot Games' client, so be aware of that if there are any ban incidences. Having said that, here are the steps you need to follow to show up offline in Valorant.

  • Download Deceived from GitHub
  • Create a new shortcut for Deceive.exe
  • You'll see a new screen called Target.
  • Under the ".exe" term, add an extra space and type "valorant"

The process above only has to be done once, from then, the Deceive app will recognize your preferences and you'll be back to booting up the game as you normally would.

Want our honest opinion? Going leaps and bounds to appear offline in Valorant or any other Riot Games title seems highly unnecessary. If you're not in the mood to play with somebody else, then simply say so!

Unless you're doing it at times when you shouldn't and fear getting caught (pay attention in class!) then there's really no use. Regardless, the fact that Deceive is an option people can utilize is neat.

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