Reaver 2.0 Skin Collection Allegedly Leaks

A Reaver 2.0 has been long petitioned by fans, especially Phantom users, and it seems Riot Games could have finally caved to their desires.

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The Reaver collection is one of the most popular. I ©Riot Games

The reason Reaver skins became so desirable is because they were one of the first premium cosmetics to hit the store, debuting all the way back in November 2020, just five months after Valorant's full release. Not only that, the collection features three of the most used weapons in the game, especially by insta-lock Jett (well, probably Chamber mains now) players: Operator, Vandal, and Sheriff.

With other popular collections like Prime, Glitchpop, or RGX getting 2.0 bundles featuring different weapons, fans were excited to hear the Reaver 2.0 skins have allegedly leaked on social media.

Is The Reaver 2.0 Leak Real?

Unlike other leaks shared by very reputable sources or dataminers, this one you'll have to take with a huge pinch of salt. According to Valorant Updates, the Reaver 2.0 bundle could be hitting the shop real soon, featuring a skin for the Odin and a new Karambit melee.

However, they noted: "[the leak] it's not from the game files and Riot didn't confirm anything." You can look at the skins down below:

Remember that whenever a reputable source leaks upcoming cosmetics, such as skins, gun buddies, player cards, and more, they come from the in-game Valorant files. This time, it could be the case of a very well-thought photoshop.

Hours after the first alleged leak, a second one popped up, and yes, as many would expect from a 2.0 Reaver collection, the Phantom is the big selling point. That is if this ends up being true and not the product of a very skilled fan trolling the entire community. Check the image down below and judge for yourself:

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Real or fake? You be the judge. I ©Riot Games

If it ends up being a true leak, don't expect the Reaver 2.0 bundle to be any cheap; the original reached a total cost of 11,825 Valorant Points (VP). This one might reach similar numbers, provided it comes with enough bells and whistles to justify such a hefty price tag.

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