Which Valorant Agents Should You Unlock First?

Trying out new games is a challenge for everyone. To make it easier for you, this article will list the best agents that you should unlock first.

Raze Main AU
Raze is the hottest duelist right now | © Riot Games

How To Unlock Agents In Valorant

Before going on about the Agents that are best to unlock at the beginning of your Valorant career, you should know how unlocking works in general. When creating your new account Valorant will assign you 5 Agents by default, and they are:

These five agents are somewhat beginner friendly and should be tried out first before thinking about which agents to unlock in the future. To unlock them, you will have to play some games and earn a certain amount of XP before getting the Free Agent reward. The amount of XP needed to unlock your first agent is 22.000 XP, which can be earned by playing any game mode, apart from Competitive. If you're already wondering how to cheat your way into faster and more XP, check our How To Gain XP Fast In Valorant article which will show you the fast route towards a new Agent.

Unlock Free Agent
The Free Agent Reward that will help you unlock your first agent | © Riot Games

Once you earn your first 22.000 XP, the game will grant you a Free Agent reward and you can choose which one to unlock first without any restrictions. But before unlocking, let's see which agents fit beginners the most.

Which Agents Are Best To Unlock First

There are several factors that will later determine how "beginner-friendly" a certain agent is, and the ones that we will use are:

  • The complexity of the Agent
  • How fun they are to play for beginners
  • Have abilities that aren't difficult to chew out
  • Will win you the newbie games
One Free Agent1
A total of 22.000 XP is needed to unlock your first agent | © Riot Games

To make it easier, and more flexible for you, we will choose an agent per class so you can choose the Agent that fits your playstyle. Also, to make it even better every Agent will have a guide linked to them so make sure to check that out as well! If you haven't learned Valorant's classes yet we got you covered in our All Valorant Classes Explained article.

Your Soon-To-Be Favourite Duelist - Raze

The first agent on our list will be Raze. If you want to know how Duelists should be played, check this: How To Play Duelist Agents? | Valorant Class Guide, this guide will surely help you out a lot!

Raze Bunny Hop Blast Pack
You should probably get it easy with the satchel at the beginning | © Riot Games

There are a lot of things surrounding Raze that make her a good first choice as an Agent to unlock. Her ability kit is pretty straightforward and somewhat easy to use if we compare her to the other agents. She's a duelist which means she is a KDA machine and let's be honest, who doesn't like dropping bodies in FPS games?!

The Boom Bot is an easy-to-use scouting tool that will help you locate enemies easier. Next up is her signature ability which is basically a grenade that can be thrown, and does impact damage together with post-impact damage around the area of the explosion. This is easy to understand since almost every FPS game has a bomb similar to this ability. Her Ultimate Ability is a rocket launcher that almost always kills the enemy agent on touch.

The most difficult part of this agent is the satchel, and we suggest that you use it carefully as you will need a lot of time and effort to master it. Basically, if you want to have high KDA, be super explosive on the map and make your adrenaline go crazy, unlock Raze!

The Adventurous Initiator - Skye

If you feel like helping your team entry frag by flashing scouting and healing them, then Skye is your agent for sure! Same as every Agent in this article, her ability kit is straightforward and easy to learn and understand!

Skye val
Skye with the help of her companions can be a nuisance for your team | © Riot Games

Her most used ability is her signature ability which is a bird that can be used to flash your enemies, and we all know how important a flash is since rarely anyone that you encounter early on in your career will know how to deal with it.

Your scouting tool is a Tasmanian Tiger, once you use it you will control him instead and see whatever he sees. This is a very safe way of scouting what's ahead of you! Regrowth is an AOE healing trinket, which heals all of your allies except for you in your range and line of sight.

Do you know what's better than one flashing bird? - Three birds that auto-detect and flash the enemies, and that's basically her Ultimate Ability. All in all her skill kit will help you a lot in dealing with all of the problems a new player experiences so she's for sure a top pick as a new agent to unlock.

Classy Style & Classy Weapons - Chamber

Sentinels have a really important role in Valorant as they usually defend sites well and watch the flanks. Most of the people that come to Valorant have already experienced FPS games and have a good feel of their Aim. Chamber as an agent requires the person playing him to have a steady and accurate aim, as he has weapons only exclusive to him that reward the people with good aim.

Chamber v
Chamber is the gentleman of Valorant | © Riot Games

Let's start with his good-looking golden gun. Headhunter is a pistol that is mostly associated with the Deagle from CS:GO with the difference that it has a very well-designed in-game zoom which helps aim for the enemy heads. If you're a person that loves pistol rounds, Chamber will most certainly fit you well. Trademark is a camera that will watch a certain area, helping you focus on what's ahead of you and not worry too much about getting flanked. Rendezvous is a short-range teleport and as a signature ability is crucial to safely peek areas of the map.

Here comes the good part. If you love snipers, especially the ones that are like the Operator or the AWP, once unlocked, his Ultimate Ability will give you just that. A custom, and super good-looking sniper which slows enemies around the killed target. If you're a person that's patient and loves one-tapping his enemies, give Chamber a try!

The least difficult Controller - Omen

The Controller Class in Valorant is probably the most complicated one but rewarding as well. They are the masterminds on the map, and they have to use extensive thinking to hit the right smokes and make the correct calls. Omen is an agent a lot of people like playing since he is a controller that can carry games on himself. His ability kit offers a variety of tools that will help you breach the sites, or camp in the most unusual places.

Valorant omen
Difficult to master, but super fun and rewarding - Omen | © Riot Games

His first ability is a short-range teleport and is usually used to camp in places your enemies will never expect. Paranoia is an orb that will blind anyone that gets caught in its line. Smokes are what make Omen a very useful controller as they are easy to use, and will help you block pathways or the eyesight of your opponents. As an ultimate ability, Omen has a Global Teleport, which can be super clutch in situations where you can't breach a site, and want to rotate as quickly as possible.

Out of all of the listed Agents, Omen is probably the one you should consider last, given his learning curve and time needed to master. If you want to know what settings one of the most popular streamers and Omen mains has. check Kyedae Valorant Settings & Hardware.

Spamming Omen might get you a Twitter follow from Valorant's Social Media team themselves.

Importance Of Having A Main Agent

Similar to Riot's MOBA game, League of Legends, being good at one Agent can be quite rewarding and quality will always beat quantity in games like these. It's suggested that you pick an Agent and stick to it until you master it. But, you should always have in mind that having a game or two on the other agents is also as important. To have the ability to predict and also outplay the opponent you will have to know what their Agent does, and how to deal with them. Playing a game or two will help you in just that.

That is all for this guide on which agent will ease up your learning path to Valorant. We hope you enjoyed it and if you want to see more guides similar to this one, visit our Valorfeed Guides Sections where we have everything covered about Valorant.

The best way to get better in Valorant is to watch the already established players which have thousands of hours in the game. The video below will show you the best Valorant streamers!