How to Avoid Tilting in Valorant

Getting tilted in games can happen due for various reasons. And in Valorant, it can affect your gameplay. So you'll need some tips and methods to avoid getting tilted in Valorant!

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Did you just get tilted in Valorant? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Getting your emotions and feelings right while you're playing Valorant is important because if you're angry and tilted, you won't follow the minimap and it'll be harder to harmonize with your teammates.

But there are ways you can avoid getting tilted while you're playing with the Vandal or Phantom. So let's go ahead and check out how to avoid tilting in Valorant!

How to Avoid Getting Tilted in Valorant

Adjust Mindset and Expectations

The first thing first to not get tilted in Valorant is to set your mind in the right place. You've downloaded the game to have fun in your spare time, not to get tilted and angry! So having the right mindset and expectations before you enter a match on Valorant will help you out tremendously.

Getting the right expectations to avoid tilting is a process though. One tip that can help you out is to think of Valorant only as a game and nothing more. Giving Valorant importance and having high expectations for it will make you angry if you lose. So if you don't regard Valorant and its competitive scene as important to your life, you won't get tilted as often!

Drink Water and Take a Break

If you sit on your PC and play Valorant for hours on end, it's no wonder you'll start getting tilted. Taking a break between matches will reset your mind and you'll think more clearly. This will directly result in you following the match much better as to where the enemies are, what your teammates are doing, and getting more kills!

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In your gaming breaks and during gameplay, make sure to drink water. It has been scientifically proven that water refreshes the body and mind alike. This will get you to make better decisions in-game and even while you're choosing between the best Phantom skins!

Be Friendly to Your Teammates

Every time you're angry and tilted at your Valorant teammates, they'll start getting tilted too. This banter between your tilt and your teammates goes on unconditionally until the game ends. To avoid this, just be friendly to your team! Chances are, they'll be friendly to you too and you can avoid tilting together.

But if you're friendly to your teammates and they're tilted and angry with you, then there's nothing to worry about. In your mind, know that you're a much better person than them just by being friendly. Drop them your best Vandal skins too just to show your full support!

Find Teammates and Play With Your Friends

The last thing you can do to avoid tilt in Valorant is to play with your friends and find teammates. This way, you'll know who exactly you're playing with which will result in better communication and more wins. You can find teammates on our Discord server!

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And that's it for this guide on how to avoid tilting in Valorant. You'll manage your tilt and anger with these tips in no time. Managing your tilt will get you more wins, and will result in you maybe entering the highest-earning Valorant teams!