Are Killjoy and Raze in a Relationship?

It's been widely known that Valorant agents have friendships and rivalries among themselves. But one relationship that's a mystery to a lot of players is between Killjoy and Raze.

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Are Raze and Killjoy together in Valorant? | © Riot Games

In the Valorant lore and story, every agent has their own motives, friendships, and relationships. These can be seen through their voice lines, as well as outside content that Riot Games posts on social media. One relationship that's a mystery to everyone is between Killjoy and Raze. so let's go ahead and check out if Killjoy and Raze are together in Valorant!

Are Killjoy and Raze Together?

All the evidence that Riot Games has given us leads to the conclusion that Killjoy and Raze are together in a relationship in Valorant. The first thing that leads to their relationship is the voice lines. Here's a Killjoy voice line directed towards Raze:

"Raze, I found a new album you just have to hear! Maybe you could...come over after the mission? But, only if we survive!"

Now, this may seem like a friendly banther done from the Valorant agent voice actors, and there's definitely a lot of friendly talk between Killjoy and Raze. But some voice lines associate directly more to their relationship, such as this Raze voice line towards Killjoy.

"Killjoy. You and me until the end."

There are lots of more voice lines between Killjoy and Raze, but you get the idea between their relationship with these. And if you wanted more definitive proof of Riot Games hinting to their relationship, just take a look at a QnA answer from one of the writers Riot ParmCheesy:

Besides all the outside hinting, Killjoy has also directly visited Raze to her home country Brazil for coffee and to chill, maybe even target practice with their best Phantom skins! You can see that in a post below with Killjoy's coffee reading Salvador, Brazil - where Raze originates from.

And if all of this wasn't enough to confirm Killjoy and Raze's relationship in Valorant, then next up's the last definitive proof of it. There was a QnA directly with Raze on the Brazilian Valorant Instagram account. When Raze is asked about her relationship with Killjoy, she responds with a heart:

And that should be everything to confirm your suspicions of Killjoy and Raze's relationship in Valorant. What do you think about it, is it a good couple or not? Make sure you visit our Discord server and let us know!