The Longest Match in History of Valorant

Valorant's competitive games can last forever if the match reaches 13-13 and nobody calls for a draw. So that begs the question: what's the longest game ever in Valorant?

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Those are a lot of rounds! | © Reddit User @Dashalo_

A Valorant game ends once a team reaches 13 rounds. In Unrated, if both teams get to the score of 12-12, one final round called Sudden Death where everyone has 5000 credits and 3 ultimate points is played, and whoever wins is declared the winner of the whole match.

But in Competitive, a game could technically run forever because of Overtime - if a match reaches 12-12, then there's a draw vote. If nobody wants to draw, 2 consecutive rounds are played on different sides and one team must win both rounds to win the whole game. So here we'll check out what's the longest game ever in Valorant!

What's the Longest Game in Valorant?

The longest game ever recorded in Valorant was 1 hour and 28 minutes with a total of 58 rounds played. The match was played on Ascent, and the statement behind this game was released way back in December 2020 by Riot Games. Besides this information, nothing else was issued by Riot Games.

Longest Game Match Valorant
58 rounds, that's a lot for a Valorant match! | © Riot Games

Another long match we were able to come by is from the Reddit user Dashalo_ where he states his game ended 24-26 with a total of 50 rounds in Overtime. That match was finished in 1 hour and 24 minutes, falling 4 minutes short of the game we saw above.

Valorant Another Long Match
A look at the scoreboard of a 1 hour and 24 minutes Valorant match! | © Reddit User @Dashalo_

Although these are very long matches and games for Valorant, they were played by normal players in a normal queue. But then there's also the Valorant Esports scene. So what could be the longest pro Valorant match?

What's The Longest Valorant Pro Esports Game?

The longest professional Valorant game played was between TSM and GenG which ended in a 23-21 win for TSM with a total of 44 rounds played. The game was so long that it even hit a glitch at the 90-minute mark prompting Riot Games to restart the game. The match was so long that it broke Valorant esports records where GenG NaturE achieved 49 kills!

And that's it for the longest games ever recorded in Valorant so far. What do you think, would you be able to last so long in a single Valorant match? Make sure to visit our Instagram account and tell us all about it!