How To Remake In Valorant

Playing a match 4 vs 5 from the start phase of the game is a very unfair situation to deal with. For that reason, Valorant has a remake option, and here's how you can call for it!

Remake Draw Picture
This is what it looks like when the remake call is successful | © Riot Games

Players disconnecting during various game times is a common thing that we will all experience at some point. Thus, Riot has an incredible way of dealing with it by introducing the Remake system.

Valorant: What Is Remake

You hop on a game of Valorant, and during or before the first round one of your teammates disconnected. This probably makes you mad, but you understand that it's normal to have your internet disconnect, the computer having issues, or just have to do something more important than Valorant at the moment. When this happens you have the option to call a Remake until the end of the first round.

Remake, which is an option introduced in patch 1.07 (2020), is a callable vote that can be activated when a player disconnects before or during the first round. The call can be made during buy-time of the second round and it's a good way to deal with time-wasting, unfair games with uneven odds. If you are tired of people disconnecting during your solo games, then you should definitely go on our How To Add Friends In Valorant guide and start adding your friends to party up with them!

Valorant: How To Remake

Remake Call
As you can see from the picture, the remake call is almost identical to the surrender one | © Riot Games

To be straightforward and helpful this is the situation in which you can call for a remake:

  • A player has to be disconnected from the time before the first round starts and up until it finishes
  • The option must be called at the start of the second round, or to be precise during the buy time of the second round

If both conditions are met, your next step would be to call the remake.

To do this, you will have to:

  • Press enter, or your customized hotkey to open chat
  • Type /remake and click Enter
  • Once called, you have time to vote until the second round starts, or until the end of Buy Time of the second round

In order for the remake to be successful, everyone on your team needs to vote F5/Yes. If you aren't friends with the disconnected person and have no way of knowing whether he comes back, don't hesitate and call for a remake. You can call Remake only once per game, so make sure to think twice if you think you can win the game with a handicap.

If you manage to get the needed votes, the game will later proceed in a draw and not count. Not counting means that no XP, RR, or MMR will be changed because of the game. This only affects the "connected" players as the disconnected player will get all the negative benefits of an abandoned game. If you liked this article and want similar Valorant guides, check our Valorfeed Guides Section where there are tons of other helpful articles that will satisfy your Valorant knowledge hunger.


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