Sentinels Rebuild Is Doing Wonders

After having a disastrous season changes had to be made, and they seem to be working well. Here's what their current roster is, what contributed to them dominating in scrims, and also the new player announcement.

Sentinels Scrims
The boys have regained their form, at least in their scrims | © Sentinels

Sentinels Are Not Going Bankrupt

There were a ton of rumors surrounding Sentinels this past season ranging from losing TenZ to going Bankrupt and similar gossip talks that might or might not have been misleading. Their 2023 VCT season was almost non-existent, and their best performance at an event was at an off-season one. Getting 3rd place at the Tarik x Ludwig Invitational sure is fun, but is nowhere near what Sentinels need to survive in the competitive scene, and keep their org economy in check.

TenZ Resigns With Sentinels

As we said in the article intro, we will deliver what made Sentinels so good in their recent scrims, but to get there let's go step by step. If Sentinels weren't good at playing, at least they've been rocking their social media and content. Over the past few months, Tarik, their main content creator, has broken several records. One notable achievement was his VCT Champions watch party, which garnered more watch hours than the official Valorant stream.

TenZ on the other hand is also the icon of Valorant, and even if they aren't relevant in the pro scene, Sentinels are still here, and you can't get rid of them. On September 8th, Sentinels announced that they are resigning their boy and that he is here to stay. Their announcement was wild, and Tarik's part in it sure helped make it that awesome.

Sentinels Announce johnqt As Their New IGL

Resigning TenZ isn't remotely enough to change what they've been doing wrong for the past season. Mouhamed might or might not be that well known in the Valorant competitive scene, but he previously played for M80 and made sure his potential was shown during his stay there. His team was previously competing in the Americas Ascension League and managed to reach 2nd place with his help.

M80's roster was disbanded, and Sentinels saw something special in the Morrocan IGL and flew him to the USA to test him out in their scrims. Sentinels started "dominating" as they describe, their scrims and even had the courage (and rights) to share a small part of their scrims vs the Champions winners and how they are beating them in scrims. Whether johnqt was their missing piece or not, will be revealed soon, or in the next chapter below where you can see their current roster.

Sentinels New Roster Leaked

Expect the unexpected. What you will see in the part of this article might surprise you. A spreadsheet was shared on X containing various roster leaks, and the new Sentinels signing might have just confirmed that the leaks are true.

Here's what's the possible roster that Sentinels are currently scrimming with:

NicknameRoleConfirmed (re)Signing (Y/X)
kaplanHead CoachY
DrewSparkAssistant CoachX

Marved is reported to be out of the squad, together with Sick who was previously on the inactive Roster. The roster on top is the most probable one that they are scrimming within the current offseason but might have some changes in the coming weeks. TenZ was previously out of the roster due to his injury, and with it completely healed he might slowly regain his past Super Saiyan form.

Sentinels won't be officially "back" until they win a relevant event. They are currently in good form in their scrim sessions and that's a good sign that our boys are working on their way to their former glory. We will hopefully see them partake in one of the next off-season events because everyone is craving for some Yoru diff-ing.