How To Play Initiator Agents? | Valorant Class Guide

Initiator is another Agent role that should never be underestimated. Let's learn how to play this amazing class!

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Initiators are the most versatile class in terms of playstyle in Valorant. However, we would say that their main goal is to gather as much useful information about the enemy team as possible, as their abilities and identities are often focused about revealing the enemy's location.

All Initiator Agents in Valorant

As of now, there are five Initiator Agents in Valorant:

Actually, there is no weak Initiator Agent in Valorant – everyone is useful in their own way. The correct choice of Agent for the Initiator class will be one that fits your playstyle, map, and team comp.

Attacking With Initiator Agents

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It's really all about these reveals! | © Riot Games

Having a good Initiator Agent on the Attackers side is crucial, as most of the time, you will be the one initiating the action, so you better do it in a way that gives your team some kind of advantage. You should especially pay the most attention to your revealing abilities, as these pretty much work like Wallhack. Knowing how much players are on a specific Spike Site be game-winning for the Attackers' side. This way, your Duelists can rush into specific corners, and your Controllers can smoke the right areas and voilà, Spike Site is yours!

Defending With Initiator Agents

Initiators on the Defenders' side are not as good as on the Attacking one, but you can still get a lot of value out! In short, your main goal is to hold off the enemy team and keep them away from the site until your team can arrive and engage in a fair fight. Use your abilities to create space and buy time for your teammates to get into a certain position, and you will be good.

3 Tips For Playing With Initiator Agents

Lastly, some tips that you just need to know for playing Initiator Agents:

  • Communicate the best position for you with your teammates. Communication is key in Valorant, and we all know this. As an Initiator Agent, you can get a great deal of intel, but of course, not from all over the map. And now the question is, from which place on the map do you want to take this information? You will find the most optimal answer to this question by talking to your teammates and discussing your strategy for the round. For more information on this topic, check out this article: How To Give Better Callouts
  • Study lineups (especially post-plants). We often talk about this in our articles, but seriously guys and girls, your teammates really count on you in terms of your lineup knowledge. They will often suggest by themselves that you use a particular reveal lineup, especially at ranks such as Immortal. Moreover, you will not only be expected to know a specific lineup, but also to perform it in seconds. Here's one article that could help you with that: Defending Plants With Shock Darts On Ascent
  • Pay more attention to your timings. Timing is probably the most important thing when it comes to operating your ability kits. Most Initiator Agents have abilities that resemble cheating, but the key is to use them in the right situation. This will often be challenging, and the only thing we can really suggest to you is to play specific Agents frequently and use these lineups often. Eventually, you will catch the feel, and believe us that sometimes even one second can make a huge difference.

And that would be it for our Initiator class guide! Just like Sentinel, it is a pretty tough class to learn, but you will get the hang of it and some point, especially if you look a bit more into our Guides section!

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