Is Valorant Down? How To Check Server Status

We'll show you how to check the server status so you know if there are any issues with Valorant.

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There's nothing worse than trying to log in to your favorite game only to find out it's currently down. Could be a server issue, could be scheduled maintenance, bottom line is, you can't play and that sucks.

Valorant is no different. If you're out of the loop, Riot Games usually takes down the servers for some needed maintenance, especially around the time a new Act or Episode is scheduled to launch. In this case, the release of Episode 6 Act 3.

So, want to know if Valorant servers are back up? Let's find out.

Are Valorant Servers Down?

While you might think the actual best way to see if the servers are currently down for maintenance or any other type of issue would be the official Riot Games Server Status website, we've found that sites such as Down Detector more accurately tell players if the game is, at the moment, unavailable.

In Down Detector, users themselves can actually submit their issues with the game and a nice graphic chart will show you the tendency of the problem and whether it's a big issue or a more niche one affecting just a few players.

At the time of writing, the Valorant servers are currently down for maintenance. As we've mentioned, Riot is prepping things for the impeding release of Episode 6 Act 3, so definitely stay tuned as the servers go up. Don't worry if there are some error codes popping up, as it's completely normal.


Stay tune for more on all things Valorant as we'll continue to update on Episode 6 Act 3's release.

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