How To Play Phoenix | Valorant Agent Guide

Phoenix is a hot-headed, impulsive, and confident Valorant Agent from the UK, with a pretty interesting ability kit. Let's learn how to use it!

Phoenix Guide
Let's go over Phoenix's entire ability kit! | © Riot Games / Valorfeed

Today, we'll go over one of the most iconic Duelist Agents ever released, and we're obviously talking about Phoenix. Even though Phoenix's popularity has decreased as new Agents have been added to the game, he can still be a good starting point for new players or those who really love the "Rush B, don't stop" kind of playstyle. Without further ado, let's check out his entire ability kit!

All Phoenix Abilities Explained


Valorant phoenix blaze
Basically a wall. | © Riot Games

Phoenix's Blaze ability summons a line of fire up to ~22 meters in front of him, creating a sight-blocking wall of flame that lasts for 8 seconds. Enemy Agents take 1 damage every 0.033 seconds anytime they contact a wall, but Phoenix can heal himself for 1 point of health every 0.16 seconds while inside.

This ability is best used for setting up pushes, limiting enemy sight, and isolating players from accessing certain angles. Moreover, Blaze has the highest self-healing potential out of Phoenix's two AoE abilities and should be used as the main form of healing when in trouble.


Phoenix flashbang
And now, we have a flashbang! | © Riot Games

Curveball is a pretty standard blinding ability, which can be shot in a curve moving forward and to the left or right. It summons a small flare orb at the tip of Phoenix's fingers and explodes after 0.5 seconds after you throw it, blinding everyone within its sight line for a maximum of 1.5 seconds.

This ability should be used aggressively in close-quarter situations to ensure the maximum blind length and to create an entry point before pushing.

Hot Hands

Phoenix hot hands
A molly that heals! | © Riot Games

We've had a flashbang, and now we have a molly! Phoenix's Hot Hands ability is basically a throwable ball of flames that hits the floor after 1.5 seconds and can be bounced off walls. It creates a 4.5-meter wide circle of fire, and everyone standing on the fire takes 1 damage every 0.0167 seconds, while Phoenix is healed for 1 health every 0.08 seconds, meaning that you can heal for 50 HP max.

Run It Back

Run It Back is Phoenix's Ultimate Ability, and it creates a respawn point that Phoenix teleports back to after dying or after 10 seconds after launching the ability. All in all, it's a great tool to gather intel and damage enemies without any consequences.

Of course, one thing can't forget about is that you usually want to place the respawn point in a safe location to avoid getting killed upon spawning.

Is Phoenix a Good Valorant Agent For You?

Overall, we think that Phoenix is a great choice for players who enjoy being aggressive, rushing sites, and doing all these Duelist things. Moreover, if you are a new player looking to improve your gun play and develop good habits, Phoenix could be a great starting point, especially if you are an ex-CS:GO player.

However, he may not be the best fit for those who prefer more defensive playstyles or want a more powerful ability kit. Let's be honest, Phoenix got power creeped by some of the new Valorant Agents, and so he won't ever rule the Valorant metagame again. Because of that, some even think that he should be buffed and reworked as a Controller, but I personally think that this would collide with his personality.

Still, if you feel like you want to give Phoenix a try – why not? Ultimately, the best way to determine if Phoenix is right for you is to try him out and see how well his abilities fit with your playstyle.

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