Everything You Need To Know About Recoil Patterns in Valorant

Tired of shooting warning shots or killing all the surrounding walls instead of your enemies? Chill, we have a solution.

Recoil control valorant
Today, you're going to learn how to shoot. | © Riot Games

So yeah, as Valorant is mostly about using your weapons properly and aim skills, learning how to control your weapon's recoil is crucial, and you pretty much can't go too far without that. And as we don't want to stay in Iron for life, let's learn a bit about that!

Everything About Recoil Patterns in Valorant

What Is a Recoil Pattern & How To Control it?

Valorant Vandal Pattern
For example, this is Vandal's recoil pattern. | © Riot Games

Recoil pattern is the way bullets go when firing continuously. Above you can see Vandal's recoil pattern, which first goes up going slightly to the right and then makes a total turn to the left, which is pretty similar to CS:GO's AK-47.

Every weapon in Valorant has its own unique recoil pattern, and so you have to control each of them with different mouse movements that are pretty specific. Ultimately, there is one rule to controlling all spray patterns in Valorant — it is to move the mouse in the opposite direction of the pattern with appropriate speed and accuracy.

Yeah, that's pretty much everything about controlling weapon's recoil in Valorant! That said, if your pattern goes up, you need to move the mouse down, and if it goes left, you need to move your mouse right, and so on. Pretty easy, right?

How To Learn Recoil Patterns

Yeah, not really; if controlling recoil patterns was so easy, we would all be playing in Radiant lobbies, and that does not seem to be the case. Moreover, even in ranks like Diamond, we can often see players just shooting the walls and not hitting their enemies (blaming it on high ping, of course).

But honestly, the best way to learn recoil patterns in Valorant (or any other FPS game, really) is to play regularly. And to be honest with you, this is pretty much the only way.

Even if you are one of the busiest individuals out there – a game of Deathmatch when you can't afford to jam Competitive Play games will be just fine. After some time, you will subconsciously learn the recoil patterns of the weapons you play with most often, which will make you make some movements with your mouse automatically.

And the longer your training continues, the more precise you will be with your shots. So yeah, that's the whole secret of controlling recoil patterns in Valorant, as it's actually everything about developing your muscle memory.

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