Valorant 2023 Offseason: Rostermania & Rumors

As the season has been closed, more and more roster changes and rumors are emerging. Here are all of the changes, transfers and rumors that are going on in the competitive scene.

Jinggg is the first player to leave his team and the scene | © Riot Games

Roster changes in the offseason are quite common, and it's very difficult to keep track of them as an ordinary member of the Valorant community. In this article, we will do a table with all of the possible changes, and the ones that have been made already.

Valorant Offseason 2023: Roster Changes

As Evil Geniuses were crowned victors of the VCT Champions 2023, we can expect a lot of teams to analyze their roster and make the necessary changes needed to reach their level next season.

Here are the confirmed changes that have been made so far:

PlayerPrevious TeamChange
cNedNaViDropped from Team
JingggPaper RexLeaving the team to do Military Service
MujFUT EsportsEntered Free Agency
Carlão (Head Coach)FURIA EsportsParted Ways With Team
dgzinFURIA EsportsParted Ways With Team
mazinFURIA EsportsParted Ways With Team
qpertCloud9Moved to inactive roster
pandaiXSETJoined Misfits Black
Onur (Head Coach)LeviatánEntered Free Agency
juicyBLEED EsportsLeft Team Because Of Age Restriction

These are the confirmed changes so far. Take note that the offseason has just started and many more transfers will be made until the new season starts.

Valorant Offseason 2023: Roster Rumors

Before any transfer or roster change is made, rumors surround it until it becomes true. There have been numerous rumors so far, such as TenZ leaving Sentinels for Aspas to join, but nothing is confirmed yet but it stays as a rumor.

Here are all of the rumors on Rostermania 2023:

PlayerCurrent TeamRumor
runneR//Likely to join Team Vitality
FNSNRGNRG looking to overhaul part of their roster
s0mNRGNRG looking to overhaul part of their roster
ardiisNRGNRG looking to overhaul part of their roster
FakeAnanas//Team Liquid are considering options to sign FakeAnanas
xand00 NationLikely to join MIBR
havoc//Likely to join MIBR
silentzz//Likely to join MIBR
Nivera, ScreaM, ZE1SH, Newzera, xmsKarmine CorpKarmine Corp might be looking to completely rebuild their roster
SkRossiGlobal EsportsGlobal Esports might be looking to replace SkRossi
Happy (Head Coach)M80Karmine Corp are exploring their options to sign Happy as the Head Coach of their rebuilt Roster
Engh (Head Coach)TSMKarmine Corp are exploring their options to sign Engh as the Head Coach of their rebuilt Roster
Wo0tFire Flux EsportsNatus Vincere might be looking into Wo0t as a potential replacement for cNed

These are all of the rumors surrounding the scene that make sense and might happen. There are also a ton of others that are just spread as lies so be careful when browsing Twitter and take everything with a grain of salt.


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