Valorant Slang Explained

In order to get along with the Valorant community, you will have to know the slang.

Sage Nightmarket
Neon, Jett, and Sage on a night out | ©Riot Games

In your Valorant playing timeline, there will be a point where you will notice some new words unfamiliar to your usual vocabulary. Those words are most likely a part of the Valorant Slang.


Similar to any multiplayer game, Valorant also has its own slang vocabulary that might leave you wondering what they actually mean. Over time, the players invented words understandable only to Valorant players in order to make their communication easier and more precise.

As you approach the game you will probably wonder what words like OP, Thrifty, Rez or other similar slang ones mean. If you're an experienced FPS gamer, and Valorant isn't your first shooter game, you will probably have an easier time understanding slang, and you won't get freaked out at your team yelling that it's an ECO round.

Valorant Group Call
A group call from the night out | ©Riot Games

Slang Words

In order to make your life easier, we prepared a full list of known slang words and their meaning. Don't worry, you are not supposed to know all of them, and as you play the game, they will become a part of your everyday Valorant vocabulary.

Here they are:

  • ACE - An event when one player gets all 5 kills in one round.
  • ADS - Aim Down Sight, the right-click zoom on non-sniper weapons.
  • Aggro - Short for aggressive, is used to call for more aggressive plays or pushes.
  • Ability Trading - A call to trade abilities to either stall a push on a site or force defenders from favorable positions.
  • Bomb - The spike. Even though Valorant has a spike and not a bomb, most people use the term Bomb as they come from other FPS games where the spike is a bomb and it's become a habit for them.
  • Full Buy - A call to spend. This is usually called when 4 or 5 players have at least 4500 money at the start of the round, or when it's the last round before a switch.
Night Out Wrap Up
A wrap up from the nightout | ©Riot Games
  • Counterstrafe - a mechanical skill, when a player stops their direction with either A or D, immediately changing direction to shoot at a spotted enemy agent.

If you want to learn to Counterstrade or improve your aim, visit our How To Improve Your Aim in Valorant? article.

  • Cubby - camping spots on the map, like a cut out of a wall or a small nook where you can wait for enemy Agents to pass.
  • CD - short for cooldown, i.e. when an ability is on cooldown.
  • Dink - A headshot. The sound made from a headshot literally sounds like a "Dink".
  • Double swing - Aggressive move where two players are swinging out of cover in order to get a pick or force a trade. Could also be used in a defensive way when two defenders are outnumbered and they try to win in a quick burst.
  • Eco - when low on resources and money, an Eco round is called in order to save and not buy anything.

  • Half Eco - Similar to Eco, but you are spending just a little bit, to the point where you have at least 2000 money left.
  • Entry Fragger - Usually a duelist that is going first in a push in order to open up space for the others.
  • Fake/Ninja defuse - A trick used to lure attackers from their hiding spots. Ninja defuse is when you defuse but only for a split second, just so the Attackers can hear the defuse sound.
  • Feeding - if you are playing too aggressively or out of position, and the result of that is dying consistently without doing much in return, you might be told to stop feeding.
  • Flick - when an enemy agent pops in a place where you least expect him to, you have to "flick" your mouse accurately in order to get the frag

  • Frag - another word for a kill.
  • Flash - abilities that shortly blind the enemies.
  • Flanking - when a player sneaks around behind the enemy line.
  • Heaven / Hell - terms used to describe high or low ground in maps.
  • Molly - this is an FPS slang for throwable AOE bombs that have lingering damage. Example Phoenix's signature skill.
  • One Tap - the event of killing an enemy with 1 shot.
  • OP - short for Operator.
  • Peek/Shoulder Peek - a quick look from a corner in order to spot the enemies, it's called shoulder peek because that's the only thing the enemies should see.
  • Prefire - preemptively shooting at a spot before you see the enemy.
  • Rez - short for Ressurection, Sage's Ultimate Ability.
  • Shifting - Being silent or simply moving while pressing Shift.
  • Thrifty - Winning the round by getting a kill with an enemy's weapon.

  • TP - short for teleport.
  • Team Ace - when everyone on your team gets a kill without casualties.
  • Trading - an event where an equal amount of people die from both sides after a shootout.
  • Wallbang - Shooting at a wall from which enemy agents can take damage.
  • Ult - Short for Ultimate Ability.

These are the most used slang terms in Valorant, and should serve as a little dictionary whenever you need it. It's important to learn some of these words, as they will improve your communication abilities and you will look cooler in your upcoming Valorant matches.