Valorant Episode 7 Act 1: Battle Pass: All Cosmetics & Bundle

Is this the best "giving" Battle Pass so far or what? 60 Days left to grind for the Pocket Knife.

Composite Knife BP71
This knife probably makes the grind worth it! | © Riot Games

Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 has started, and with it, a new Battle Pass is upon us.

A fresh Battle Pass, means 61 days left till we get to the juicer, which in this case is the pocket knife. This is not all obviously, as this BP is packed with lots of player cards, buddies, sprays, and some new weapon skins to top it all off.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 Battle Pass: All Skins

Two days ago the latest act finally came, and with it, we got a new Agent, a TDM game mode, and an overhauled Progression System. In Addition to the Battle Pass, the Neo Frontier bundle will also be available for purchase.

Without further ado, here are the skins you will be getting if you grind the Battle Pass:

  • Tier 1: Composite Sheriff
Composite Sheriff
The first Reward will be this yellow-ish Sheriff | © Riot Games
  • Tier 5: Blush Frenzy
Blush Frenzy
Not a bad skin for pink lovers | © Riot Games
  • Tier 10: Digihex Judge
Digihex Judge
Does anyone even buy this weapon? | © Riot Games
  • Tier 15: Composite Stinger
Composite Stinger
Eco rounds Weapon Skin! | © Riot Games
  • Tier 20: Digihex Ares
Digihex Ares
Another Eco Rounds Special | © Riot Games
  • Tier 25: Blush Operator
Blush Operator
Does Chamber look good with pink skin on his OP? | © Riot Games
  • Tier 30: Composite Marshal
Composite Marshall
Kind of weird to put this after the OP | © Riot Games
  • Tier 35: Digihex Bulldog
Digihex Bulldog
Looking splendid. | © Riot Games
  • Tier 40: Blush Guardian
Blush Guardian
Pink lines are on point | © Riot Games
  • Tier 45: Composite Phantom
Composite Phantom
Sadly, no Vandal in this Battle Pass | © Riot Games
  • Tier 50: Composite Knife
Composite Knife
The Apple-Peeling Pocket Knife | © Riot Games

Those are all of the weapon skins for this Battle Pass. The featured skins are Composite, Blush, and Digihex and are fairly decent for the price of the Battle Pass.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 1: Neo Frontier Bundle, Cost

Neo Frontier Bundle
Has one of the better-looking gun buddies on the market | © Riot Games

This act brought us a cool bundle together with the Battle Pass to please the skin fanatics. The Neo Frontier bundle is a mixture of Retro and Sci-Fi skins. The cost of the bundle is 8700, which is a discounted price of the Full Bundle Cost which is 14,600.

If you were wondering, this is the cost per weapon of this bundle:

  • Neo Frontier Buddy - 475 VP - Included for free in the bundle
  • Neo Frontier Card - 375 VP - Included for free in the bundle
  • Neo Frontier Spray - 325 VP - Included for free in the bundle
  • Neo Frontier Odin - 2175 VP
  • Neo Frontier Phantom - 2175 VP
  • Neo Frontier Sheriff - 2175 VP
  • Neo Frontier Marshal - 2175 VP
  • Neo Frontier Axe - 4350 VP - Included for free in the bundle
  • Frontier Card - 375 VP - Included for free in the bundle

So basically, you're paying only for the four weapon skins, while getting the Melee Axe, Cards, Buddy, and Spray for free! Sounds like a bargain if you like it, and your wallet can afford it. The total cost of the VPs translated into euros is around €85.


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