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What is Ascendant rank in Valorant? How do I get it? Check this & find out!

Ascendant Rank
It only took 2 Acts for Kyedae to get out of Ascendant rank | © Riot Games

Ascendant Valorant Rank

Ascendant is the third-highest rank medal in the Valorant Competitive System. It is the latest introduced rank, with the goal to more-over improve player distribution. It was added in 2022, and the feedback is mostly positive as it makes the higher-rank games a little bit more balanced.

RankRatioNumber of Players
Ascendant 12.4%45,216
Ascendant 21.6%30,594
Ascendant 31.1%20,708
Total Ascendants5.1%96,518

Considering the fact that some or most of these players were Diamond or Immortal before, Riot probably did a good job splitting the top % of players and making their games more balanced.

How Good Is Ascendant Rank In Valorant?

Stats-wise, if you've managed to get to this rank you out to be proud of yourself. You've mastered the fundamentals in Valorant, you have a pretty decent mechanical skill in terms of reflexes, movement, and aiming. But, being decent nowadays is not enough, and that's why Ascendants, even though considered to be quite good at the game, are not at their "pro" level.

If you are an Ascendant and planning to go pro, you need to know that you have the grounds and base to justify committing to the journey, but you still have an improving curve ahead of you.

Kyedae Ascendant
Kyedae had quite a genuine reaction when reaching the green rank | © Kyedae @Twitch

How To Get Ascendant Rank In Valorant

To get Ascendant rank, you will have to understand how Ascendants play in Valorant. The rank is somewhat above-average and players there have a good understanding of the game and its team dynamics. Another factor is mechanical skills, which means their reflexes, movements, and aiming/shooting are also at a fairly decent level.

Mechanical skills can be improved with regular playing but with a focus centered on improving. Watching and studying how people better than you (higher rank) play, and which movements and tactics they use is a must if you wish to improve.

Eventually, you will have to learn how to play in a team, because as much as you wish to solo carry your games, Valorant is made as a team game, and it's best played as one. So, heads up, no insta-locking, and focus on getting that toxic-green rank.

How To Get Out Of Ascendant Rank In Valorant

Ascendant To Immortal Rank
Grinding is a must. | © Riot Games

So you've reached the green rank and you are hungry for more, great! You will now need to dig even deeper and improve your overall gameplay to get to the next stage, which is the holy Immortal Rank.

We will cut it short, and focus on the most important parts to improve at:

  • Understand your role in the game, and commit to it!

If you're a smoker, you will have to learn all the good smokes and be creative at it. If you're an Initiator outsmart the people around the site's give your team the upper hand while doing the entries.

Duelists have to be sharp and precise in their engagements and clutch those 1v3s. You're the support type and want to lead the team to victory? Improve your callouts, and the voice your team wants to hear and led from.

  • Improve every aspect of your game!

Being Immortal means there is no room for errors, and you will have to pay attention to even the smallest details and improve at the little things you think are not important.

  • Play with a purpose

Play your games not to waste your time and feed your ego, but instead play to win and be better than the others. If you focus on yourself, and the goal of winning most of your games, you will have to keep the ego to yourself and do actions to win the game.

That would be all for this hopefully helpful article. We wish you good luck on your grinding journey to Ascendant and we hope to see that green medal on your profile.


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