What Are The Cheapest Valorant Knives

Melee weapon skins are essentially one of the most wanted but always expensive skins.

No Limits Bat1
When bought in a bundle, the No Limits Bat comes for free! | © Riot Games

Even though Valorant is a Free to Play game, people rarely end up not spending a dime on the game. With skins getting better and better over time, the craving to open up the bag and drop a couple of tens on Valorant Points increases.

What Are The Cheapest Knives in Valorant

We will start with the cheapest option away from Night Market discounts. Currently, the Knife that you can acquire for 1000 VP, and a little bit of playing time is the Bound Knife. The knife can be gotten through the Battle Pass, and it sits at Tier 50 which is quite far down the drain but is doable for sure.

Bound BP
If you're a regular at Valorant, and play multiple games daily it shouldn't be a hustle to get this beauty | © Riot Games

Valorant knives under 2000 VP

The following knives are sold regularly for 1750, and are the cheapest offered at the Valorant Store:

  • Smite Knife Skin (1750 VP)
Smite Knife
The Smite Melee Weapon Skin | © Riot Games
  • Luxe Knife Skin (1750 VP)
Luxe Knife F
The Luxe Melee Weapon Skin | © Riot Games
  • Reverie Sword Skin (1750 VP)
Reverie Sword
The Reverie Melee Weapon Skin | © Riot Games

The Reverie Sword skin is one of the most bought cheap melee skins in Valorant. It attracts this much attention because of its size and for the fact that it only costs 1750 VP.

  • Prism Knife Skin (1750 VP)
Prism Knife1
The Prism Melee Weapon Skin | © Riot Games

These are the most affordable knives available in Valorant. Among the four skins listed, the Prism and Reverie knife skins stand out as particularly popular. Another option for obtaining an inexpensive yet aesthetically pleasing knife is to keep an eye on the bundles that occasionally go on discount at the Valorant Store.

What's The Most Affordable Way To Get a Good Melee Skin

The No Limits bundle is currently available for purchase, and if you decide to acquire the entire bundle, you'll receive the impressive No Limits bat for free. This is a common occurrence with bundles, as they are typically discounted, allowing you to save over 3000 Valorant Points while expanding your collection with a variety of skins.

Bundle Cost No Limit
This is the discounted price of the No Limit Bundle | © Riot Games

This article, and many others will get updated to match the current Valorant state of skins and everything else about it. For more Valorant content like this, check out our Valorfeed Skins Section where you can find other cool facts about skins.

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