Will I Get Banned For Using A Skin Changer In Valorant

Not many know of this tool, and it's probably for a reason. If you're thinking of using it, read this article and learn everything about it!

Valorant Expensive Collection
This could be a skin-changer, or a really cool collection from one of our editors | © Riot Games

Valorant has, in no doubt one of the best weapons skins from all of its competitors. But with quality comes expense, and as much as we would like to have an inventory like the one above, not everyone can afford it. That's where third-party programs like skin changers come into play.

What is a SkinChanger?

The concept of using third-party software to change your ingame skins isn't new, and Valorant isn't the only place where it's available. The most popular games where skin changers are being used are obviously games where skins and "hats" are super good-looking, but expensive for most of its playing base.

Skin Changer is a software that will visually, only to yourself change the skins that you are using in-game. If you wish to know whether Valorant Skins are Pay to Win, check out the linked article and see for yourself. Skin changes will give you a full set of weapon skins for you to choose and play with. Its effects and visuals will only be visually available to you, other players in the game will see the default weapon skins.

How Do Skin Changers Work?

Expensive Skins Valorant Ingame
If you wish to have such expensive skins, we'd rather suggest getting a job and supporting the game by buying them directly from the store | © Riot Games

You will first need to download third-party software that you will later install on your PC. It will be connected to your Valorant game but will open externally and let you choose the skins you wish to play with. We wouldn't go as far as to say these programs are safe, and since it's a free world we are living in, let you decide whether it's safe to download these kinds of programs.

Are Skinchangers Illegal in Valorant?

While we had to explain how these things work, we shouldn't keep you waiting and get you straight to the point. Game devs have different rules concerning these programs, and while most games like CS:GO, Dota 2, and similar games do nothing about these programs, the Riot Vanguard will detect this software and later on issue an HWID ban that might/will translate into an account ban for using this program.

by u/TimeJustHappens from discussion is the Elsify Skin Changer bannable?

What is an HWID ban?

Permanent Suspension Valorant
Once your Account gets banned, this is the screen you'll see | © Riot Games

This is a type of ban that will be applied to a specific "hardware identification" as the prefix HWID says, of a device. If you are HWID banned that means you will NEVER be able to play Valorant on that device. This does mean that your account is safe, but several reports from the community have stated that after some time, the ban came to their account as well.


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