Are Valorant Skins Pay To Win

There is a huge conflict about whether expensive skins in Valorant help with aiming and shooting. Seeing an individual top the KDA board with a Spectrum Phantom and clear aim will make you wonder...

Zedd Xspectrumskin
One of Valorant's most expensive cosmetics | ©Riot Games

Free to Play games base their income on skins or certain DLCs that keep the games running. Valorant is no different; having a popular opinion about releasing perfect quality skins for a price matching their value, some people wonder if those skins add an aimbot to their aim.

Do Skins Improve Gameplay

We will keep you waiting for the final answer and try to analyze all of the elements surrounding these rumors. If you're wondering if skins make you play better, the initial answer is YES. But this has nothing to do with the skins impacting the aim or game, but more of a placebo effect where you feel differently and play more confidently. Take an example of some Real Life scenarios where you feel a lot more confident with a watch on your hand, a new pair of sneakers, or a suit that makes you look good. You are still the same person, but these additions trigger your placebo and make you feel better.

There are the three aspects where skins influence your behavior:

  • Sound effects when shooting
  • Visual assists
  • Kill animations

In our case, we will take the Zedd X Spectrum skin, which is one of the most expensive skins in Valorant. These three elements don't do anything to your aim or movement but have specific cosmetical effects that change the way you play.

The Spectrum Phantom has a shooting animation created by Zedd himself. This shooting sound is very crisp and enjoyable and might affect your psychological thinking and attention span. Some skins also have a bullet tracing animation which might or might not help you with your recoil control.

The last "element" is the animation after you make a grandiose kill and the stage turns into a disco. Some people have stated that this boosts their self-confidence and positively influences them.

Skins Considered Pay To Win

After our last segment, we can all conclude that it's all in our heads. Buying these expensive skins doesn't necessarily mean you will play well, but it could be worth buying if the placebo effect works. The Spectrum Phantom doesn't have a built-in aimbot, but its awesomeness and a detailed touch of quality are so good that it might trigger your "Super Saiyan" mode, where the game becomes more enjoyable. This gives you so much confidence within yourself that you might start shooting like you've got an aimbot activated.

Elder Flame Bundle1
The Elderflame bundle is also very expensive | ©Riot Games

After all of this talk about how skins influence your gameplay, it's only fair if we give you our ten out of ten skins that will make you play like TenZ:

  • Spectrum Phantom
  • Prime Vandal
  • Oni Phantom
  • Forsaken Spectre
  • Sovereign Ghost
  • Prime Odin
  • Infinity Bulldog
  • Ion Operator
  • Infinity Guardian
  • Elderflame Vandal

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