Valorant Team Deathmatch: Release date, Rules, Details, Maps

The latest Valorant game mode that is yet to be released is TDM. Get ready to stack up your friends and indulge in a rapid-fast, action-filled game mode.

Team Deatch Match 4
If you're a deathmatch lover, get ready for Team Deathmatch | © Riot Games

More than three years have passed since the last game mode was announced by Riot, and if we've learned anything from the previous exciting one, this one will surely satisfy our action hunger.

What is Team Deathmatch

TDM is the game mode in Valorant that will be available starting June 27th, 2023 with Patch 7.0. TDM will be a whole different experience compared to Deathmatch and is made to please the action-hungry Valorant players.

Team Deathmatch Lore

In the TDM introduction lore video, it becomes evident that the game mode was created by Maxbot, a notable character. Maxbot initially made its debut in Episode 4's cinematic, portraying Valorant's former cleaning robot. Killjoy and Raze, recognizing its potential, enhanced Maxbot for advanced combat training.

Maxbot Con Est1
Valorant's portal system didn't really have good cyber security behind it | © Riot Games

However, their actions took a turn when they coerced Maxbot into battling the Agents, subjecting it to a barrage of attacks and outnumbered challenges. Ultimately, Maxbot was reduced to its original role as a mere vacuum cleaner, like the ones we have at home.

TDM Map4
This is how DISTRICT map looks like | © Riot Games

Enraged by the Agents' actions that had brought chaos into its existence, the robot harbored a deep-seated desire for revenge. In an attempt to seek vengeance, it skillfully hacked into Valorant's portals, diverting the Agents into a battleground crafted by its own hands.

Within this arena, under chaotic circumstances, the robot compelled them to engage in fierce combat against one another, deriving pleasure and satiating its thirst for vengeance.

Team Deathmatch Rules & Description

TDM is a 5vs5 mode played in a fast pace manner. It has 4 different stages that progress into deadlier combat, and each of them has different weapons load-outs that you can select from in the spawn room.

There is no economy in this game, and the only thing you can do is fight with your weapons and recharge your abilities. In addition, there are also Ultimate Orbs, Recovery Orbs, and Weapon Spawners that will drop randomly in these three maps.

These are the four different stages, and the weapons available:

  • Stage 01: Pistols (Classic, Frenzy, Ghost)
  • Stage 02: Ares, Stinger, Sheriff
  • Stage 03: Bulldog, Ares, Guardian, Spectre
  • Stage 04: Vandal, Phantom
TDM Stages 1
There are the Team Deathmatch Stages | © Riot Games

The rules of the game are simple, first to 100 kills or the highest score at the end of the timer. If the score is Tied, the game ends in a draw. The match duration is 9 minutes and 30 seconds (9m 30sec). All around the map, there will be Weapon Spawners that will appear in fixed locations. The weapons dropped can differ each match, are stage-specific, and will upgrade as the match goes.

Weapons can be destroyed by clicking (G) which is the default key to drop your weapon. If you destroy it, the loadout weapon will be brought back to you. The weapons from the Spawners have limited ammo, and once you run out of it the weapon will be destroyed automatically.

Kasbah Valorant
This is what Kasbah looks like | © Riot Games

In addition, there will be orbs that will drop on the map as well. They will be Recovery and Ultimate orbs, that can be picked up and once used will generate zones that you and your allies can benefit from and receive the same effect. The recovery orbs restore Health and Shield over 6 seconds, and the maximum amount of shield restored will be determined by your loadout.

Ultimate Orbs will also spawn periodically and will charge up a percentage of your Ultimate. In addition to the orbs, you can also charge that % with kills, so once you hit 100% your Ultimate will be ready.

The last rule is the spawn rule. Once you die you will spawn back into your team's spawn room. Once respawn, you get a buff around that protects you from damage in the next 15 seconds. But be careful, if you overstay your welcome in the spawn (more than 15 seconds) you will start taking damage from staying there.

The game mode will have three maps:

  • Piazza
  • District
  • Kasbah

If you're a Deathmatch lover, the game will reward you with 1000xp per match played.


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