Are There Free Skins In Valorant

Every game has its own way of rewarding the community for playing the game. Wonder how Valorant does it?

Free Sheriff1
You've got about 10 days left to get this free Sheriff | © Riot Games

Free skins? Sign me up! Almost all FTP games have some sort of a way to get skins without spending a dime. Wondering how to get one in Valorant? - Stay tuned.

Are There Free Skins In Valorant?

Well yes, and no. If by Free Skins, we mean that skins are available without spending any money then yes. But you will have to hustle your way to them.

There are a couple of Free Skins that we can get in the Valorant client, and they are:

Twitch X Valorant1
By getting your free Prime Trial, you can get this In-Game Content | © Twitch

How To Get Free Skins In Valorant

You know where to get them, now let's explain how to get those juicy skins.

Battle Pass Free Skins

Bpass Rewards1
Here are the Free Rewards after Tier 50 | © Riot Games

Each Battle pass has its own section of free skins that you can redeem if you're an active player. To get them you will have to earn XP, and to do that you will have to play a certain amount of matches to reach each tier of Free Rewards.

The current Battle Pass has the following rewards, sorted per every 5 tiers:

  • Skyborne Greeting Card & Gizem Title
  • Episode 6 // 3 Coin Buddy
  • 10 Radianite Points & Uwu Title
  • NICE! Spray
  • The Edge Of Everything Card & 10 Radianite Points
  • Monster Cookie Buddy
  • 10 Radianite Points & Beard Papi Title
  • I'm Melting Spray (Omen)
  • Mother Of Pearl Buddy
  • Monstrosity Sheriff Skin & Death Trap Card

The last reward is obviously the best and most desirable one but will take some time until you can claim it.

Occasional Redeemable Player Cards & Titles

Pride Cards Free
One of the free cards that Riot released for Pride Month | © Riot Games

Periodically Riot will release certain Player Cards & Titles that players will either redeem directly from the client, or with codes. The last set of cards given to the community were the Pride cards to honor Pride Month in the Valorant Community.

If you're unsure how to redeem them, then:

  • Open Valorant
  • Click on the Valorant Points icon, where you would usually go to buy VP Points (VP Store)
  • Then click on Prepaid Cards & Codes
  • Enter the Code & click Submit
Redeem Code23
Example of where you can Redeem your Codes, this one was for May and is expired | © Riot Games

Agent Contract Weapon Skins

When grinding your Agent Contracts, you get various rewards including the Agent itself.

These rewards include:

AgentPistol Weapon Skin
BrimstonePeacekeeper Sheriff
ViperSnakebite Shorty
OmenSoul Silencer Ghost
KilljoyWunderkind Shorty
CypherHush Ghost
SovaProtektor Sheriff
SageFinal Chamber Classic
Sidekick Shorty
Wayfarer Sheriff
PhoenixSpitfire Frenzy
JettGame Over Sheriff
ReynaVendetta Ghost
RazePistolinha Classic
BreachRagnarocker Frenzy
SkyeSwooping Frenzy
YoruDeath Wish Sheriff
AstraEclipse Ghost
ChamberFinesse Classic
NeonLive Wire Frenzy
FadeKarabasan Shorty
Sidekick Shorty2
Our favorite one is deffo the Sidekick Shorty from Gekko | © Riot Games

To get them you will have to:

  1. Open Valorant, and click on the Agents tab at the top
  2. Select the Agent that you wish to grind up
  3. Click on Activate, to activate his Contract
  4. Grind your way to Tier 10, and get that good-looking Pistol Skin

Amazon Prime Gaming Reward

A Prime Spray1
This is the current Amazon Prime Freeby | © Amazon x Valorant

Last but not least, we have the perk of being a Prime Gaming subscriber. This is technically not a free skin, but if you've never had Amazon Prime before, you can get 30 days of Amazon Prime for free on this link, and get a free skin/reward that is available for the current period.

The cosmetics vary, and change per period. You don't need to activate your Amazon Prime, but instead, you can wait and see when a good Reward is available and redeem your free 30 days period of Prime.

It's good to note that these rewards won't be some sick Vandal, Phantom, or Knife skins, but they will be cool free additions to your daily gameplay experience.

That's all for this article, and we hope we helped you get yourself a free set of Skins and a way to grind for them. If you're curious about skins, our Valorfeed Skins Section, got you covered.


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