Reyna, The Most Picked Valorant Agent In 2022

You heard that right, one of the most fun Agents in the entire game was 2022's most-used Valorant character!

Reyna best agent split
If you don't hate insta-lock Duelists, then you probably are one! I ©Riot Games

As we're sending off 2022, plenty of Valorant fans are eager to find out how they did this year, which characters they played the most, and what was their headshot accuracy. You can find all those stats via the Flashback Card that will be sent by Riot straight to your mail in the coming days.

There are also some wide community stats to keep track of, such as which Agents were the most picked throughout the year. Of course, we all want to know who was the most popular one right? As it turns out, the answer might not surprise you, as Reyna was revealed to be the Agent of choice for the majority of Valorant players.

It's truly unsurprising, not only Duelists, in general, are the most popular role in the game, as they're seen as characters who are self-sufficient enough to create clutch plays and let one's mechanical skill shine. On top of that, Reyna's ease of use makes her a perfect Agent for insta-lock Duelists players or SoloQ'ers trying to climb.

Reyna, as we mentioned, is perhaps the most selfish character in the entire game. Unlike other Duelists, like Jett, Neon, or Raze, her abilities mostly revolve around empowering only herself. She doesn't throw smokes, can't really flush out OPers with utility, or zone them out using walls. All she has are her flashes that, while buffed in recent patches, are not the most reliable in the game.

Still, a good Reyna can always turn the tide of a bad game, and with smurfing still being an issue despite Riot Games doing their best to control it, we've all had that one Reyna that goes 45-5 in our games.

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