All Valorant Map Coordinates & Locations

Did you know that all Valorant maps have their coordinates in the real world?

Breeze bermuda real location
Breeze is located in The Bermuda Triangle! | © Riot Games

All Valorant maps are inspired by the real world and also full of easter eggs. After you have seen all the real world locations of Valorant maps, you will be able to connect this with the easter eggs that these maps contain (they are full of it)!

Real-Word Locations of All Valorant Maps

If you as avid Valorant players are wondering where to buy plane tickets or where to look on Google Maps, here are your go-to locations:

Map Name

Real-Life Location

Earth (related to Valorant's Lore)Coordinates
BindRabat, MoroccoAlpha Earth34°2'A" N 6°51'Z" W
AscentVenice, ItalyAlpha Earth45°26'BF" N 12°20'Q" E
HavenThimphu, BhutanAlpha Earth27°28'A" N 89°38'WZ" E
SplitTokyo, JapanAlpha Earth35°41'CD" N 139°41'WX" E
IceboxBennett Island, RussiaAlpha Earth76°44'A" N 149°30'Z" E
BreezeBermuda Triangle, Atlantic OceanAlpha Earth26°11'AG" N 71°10'WY" W
FractureSanta Fe, New MexicoAlpha Earth35°48'BI" N 106°08'YQ" W
PearlLisbon, PortugalOmega Earth38°42'ED"N8 9°08'XS"W8


Western Ghats, IndiaOmega Earth14°07'AD.4"N8 74°53'XY"E8
SunsetLos Angeles, USAWill be updatedWill be updated

Now you know where your favorite Valorant maps are located! It's interesting to note that so far we only have two maps in Omega Earth, although if you think about it, these are the maps that have the least to do with the real world as we know it today.

So, where do you think the next Valorant map will be? Let us know on our social media profiles, such as Facebook and Instagram!


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