What Is "Team Ace" in Valorant?

Team Ace is a term that often includes a lot of fun and emphasizes team cooperation in Valorant. Let's see what it means exactly!

Raze team ace

Have you just made a Team Ace in your Valorant game and are like "what I have just done?". No worries, this term has not been used in other popular FPS games, so even if you are a veteran of games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, you might be confused. In fact, Valorant has a long list of terminologies that may confuse the community, so let's resolve one of the most mysterious ones – the Team Ace!

What Does Team Ace Mean in Valorant?

Team Ace in Valorant is when all members of the team have killed different enemy players; so in short, it happens when each player of a given team scored a kill during the round. It is also worth mentioning that even if a team starts a round with fewer players than the opposing team, they can still achieve a Team Ace if any four members out of five take down the enemy squad.

There is no real strategy to get a Team Ace – it just sometimes happens, and it is often a sign of team cooperation. However, in most cases it is "random" in its own way and even in a terrible team without any team play, Team Aces can happen; that's just how frags are sometimes distributed. To maximize your chances for a Team Ace and round wins in general, be sure to check out our guides on improving your communication in Valorant, as well as why being toxic will simply lose your matches.

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