What Is Rankdle? How To Play Guess The Valorant Rank

Tired of playing Wordle or Scoutle, time to join on a more dynamic experience with Rankdle!

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Try and guess the rank correctly! I ©Riot Games

Ah, everyone remembers the big Wordle explosion right? A simple yet effective and very social experience in which users tried to guess a word correctly, having only a few attempts to do so with seemingly everyone sharing their results via Twitter.

Of course, the success of Wordle sprung several spinoffs, including a Valorant one: Scoutle, in which you had to guess a term used within the community, similar to the aforementioned and now New York Times-owned website.

Now, an even more interactive and quite frankly, fun spin on Wordle has appeared: Rankdle. This one isn't exclusive to Valorant but it does feature Riot's tactical shooter as part of a selection of games that can be used to play the game, including the likes of Overwatch, CS:GO, League of Legends, Apex Legends, and Rocket League.

If you're curious about it, we highly recommend you give it a look. Here's how to play.

How To Play Rankdle

Playing the game is super easy. Simply go to the Rankdle website and select the title for which you'll want to guess the rank. Thus far only a handful are available, but lucky for you, Valorant is one of them!

Then, you'll have to take a guess in what rank are the players shown in three different videos. The point system is as follows:

  • Collect stars based on how close you guess
  • One rank off: One star
  • Correct rank: Two stars
  • Try to get at least 2 out of 6 stars to keep your daily streak alive!

In each video, you'll get the opportunity to check it out as many times as you want in order to try and make an educated guess. Now, don't worry about sub-ranks, as you'll only have to guess in a more general sense. For instance, if you think a clip is from a play made in Diamond, you don't have to go into more specific details like whether it's Diamond 1 or 3.


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