Valorant Oni 2.0 Skins Leaked

Vandal users might finally be able to get their hands on an Oni variant after ValorLeaks revealed that a 2.0 version is being worked on.

Valorant Oni Skins
Is it time for a Vandal Oni? I © Riot Games

UPDATE: The official Oni 2.0 skins have been revealed, and they include a Vandal cosmetic and a sick new katana!

Original story:

A new skin leak and this time it's an exciting one! While they may be very early in development, it seems Riots wants to continue making bank from some of their most iconic collections, as according to leaks, they are now working on an Oni 2.0 skinline.

That's right, similar to other collections such as Reaver 2.0, Ion 2.0, and more, a revamped Oni collection might be coming to the game. The original Japanese-inspired set was released in July 2020, over two and a half years ago.

While that collection included a skin for the Phantom, it notoriously missed both the Vandal and Operator, perhaps the two most popular guns in the game. It seems like a no-brainer that a 2.0 version of them is made to amend this glaring mistake.

Oni 2.0 Collection Release Date

Sadly, we don't have any solid information regarding the Oni 2.0 bundle other than the most important one: it's 100% coming to Valorant. How are we so sure? Well, the most reliable source of leaks and information regarding the game, ValorLeaks, stated that Riot is currently working on the skins.

What we can say as an educated guess is that the Oni 2.0 bundle won't be cheap. The original skins came with variants, kill banners, and animations, so expect the new ones to have similar aesthetical functions, or even more since Riot will want to make sure Valorant fans fork out the cash for them.


As always, we'll be updating you on this and other skin leaks as more information becomes available.

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