What Is The KOI Esports Valorant Roster? (Updated)

KOI Esports seems to be a promising international roster with a good chance to conquer the competitive scene. And who are these players exactly? Let's find that out!

Koi esports valorant roster vct 2023
Will it be the best international roster on the EMEA scene? | © KOI Esports

KOI Esports is an organization about which there was a lot of buzz in late 2021 due to their founders, Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué. Although many did not believe that KOI would top other promising ones on the EMEA scene, with the VCT 2023 franchising, this organization is assured a place in the official competitive Valorant games. That said, let's find out who will represent them in 2023!

KOI Esports Valorant Roster


Real NameRole


Joined [D/M/Y]

VCT 2022 Team

Partyk Kopczyński




koldamentaJose Luis Aranguren HerreroPlayerSpanish16.12.2022Guild Esports


Bogdan NaumovPlayer



M3 Champions (aka Gambit Esports)

WolfenBerkant JoshkunPlayerBulgarian16.12.2022Case Esports
trexxNikita CherednichenkoPlayer


16.12.2022Guild Esports
BARBARRAndré MöllerHead CoachSwedish16.12.2022Guild Esports
gokedAlex KieAssistant CoachSpanish16.12.2022Case Esports

This roster is full of talented and experienced players. A significant part of it is the previous Guild Esports squad (two players and a head coach). We also have Sheydos from the original Gambit Esports roster, which is the team that won the Masters 3 Berlin and was runner-up at the first Valorant Champions.

Speaking of the first Valorant Champions, this roster also includes the player of that tournament's winning squad, namely starxo, who previously represented Acend. So yeah, this is truly a super-team, and as KOI never really played in the official VCT games, it might be their time to shine now.

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