What is the BBL Esports Valorant Roster? (Updated)

BBL Esports is a Turkish organization that got into the VCT 2023 franchising program. Let's see what they represent!

BBL Esports Roster VG
What are their odds in VCT 2023? | © BBL Esports

Turkey is a nation full of talented FPS players, and BBL Esports is an organization that has gathered some of the best Valorant players from the country to show their strength during VCT 2023. Even though they are an underdog if you compare them to other teams that made it into franchising, we are far from underestimating them. Ladies and gentlemen, here's a full BBL Esports roster!

BBL Esports Valorant Roster


Real NameRoleNationalityJoined [D/M/Y]VCT 2022 Team
AsLanM4shadoWAli Osman BaltaPlayerTurkish


BBL Esports
QutionerXDoğukan DuralPlayerTurkish01.12.2021BBL Esports
BraveEren KasırgaPlayerTurkish19.10.2022SuperMassive Blaze
SouhcNiİbrahim SağırPlayerTurkish


SuperMassive Blaze
aimDLLHüseyin KabiştekePlayerTurkish


BBL Esports
TurkoMehmet ÖzenPlayerTurkish


BBL Esports

VladBerke KantürkHead CoachTurkish27.10.2022BBL Esports / Giants
EpicMehmet Arda YıldızAssistant CoachTurkish31.12.2022

Fenerbahçe Esports / Parla Esports

BBL Esports is coming to VCT 2023 with a 6-man roster, and it's a bit of a mix of their previous roster with two players from SuperMassive Blaze. As we have already mentioned, they are surely an underdog of the circuit, even if we only consider the EMEA region only.

BBL Esports is surely not one of the most successful organizations in Valorant, and in fact, their last tournament win was in a Stage 1 Challengers qualifier, which was a year ago. Besides that, they have been losing almost everything they could in further tournaments. If you don't count their last win in the Stage 1 Challengers qualifier, their match balance for 2022 was 5-9.

Sure, now they have two extra players from SuperMassive Blaze, but this organization has not been super successful either. Another aspect to look at is that the team enters the 2023 VCT with two new coaches, who have really little time to prepare such a mix of players to play against the most prominent rosters.

So yeah, this roster is a pure underdog, but that doesn't mean that they can't grab a couple of wins! In fact, we think that all of these players have lots of potential, and perhaps VCT 2023 will be a chance for some of them to prove themselves and steal a couple of matches against the biggest teams.

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