What is the Natus Vincere Valorant Roster? (Updated)

Out of all EMEA rosters, this one is the one the community expects the most from. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Natus Vincere Valorant!

Natus vincere valorant emea
Will they win a major again? | © Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere is an organization that has been on the eSports scene for many years and has already shown its claw in virtually every game.... except Valorant. However, this will surely change with their new roster, which we will also see in the VCT 2023 circuit. So, who are the players who will say of themselves that they are "born to win"?

Natus Vincere Valorant Roster


Real NameRole


Joined [D/M/Y]VCT 2022 Team
cNedMehmet Yağız İpekPlayerTurkish


SUYGETSUDmitry IlyushinPlayerRussian08.11.2022FunPlus Phoenix
ShaoAndrey KiprskyPlayerRussian08.11.2022

FunPlus Phoenix

ZyppanPontus EekPlayerSwedish08.11.2022FunPlus Phoenix


Kyrylo KarasovPlayer / IGLUkrainian08.11.2022FunPlus Phoenix
d00mbr0sOliwer FahlanderHead CoachSwedish08.11.2022FunPlus Phoenix
LATEKSErik SandgrenAssistant CoachSwedish08.11.2022Giants

So, as you can see, Natus Vincere is pretty much a 2022 roster of FunPlus Phoenix, with cNed instead of ardiis,who is now playing for NRG in the VCT Americas circuit. If you have been following VCT 2022, you surely now that FunPlus Phoenix was one of the most successful rosters of the year, not only in EMEA, but also globally; and they also proved with their VCT Copenhagen win.

This roster also had a lot of bad luck, mostly due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, and that obviously stopped them from competing for a bit of time. Still, despite all odds, they have showed an incredibly consistent performance, which showed off at the VCT Champions, where they finished 4th, losing to DRX twice.

All in all, Natus Vincere has prepared a super strong roster for VCT 2023, and we are sure that they win something - there's just no other scenario for this team. These are some of the best players you can find in the EMEA region, and now they even have cNed, who is known for his out-of-this world Jett and Operator gameplay. So yeah, this roster was definitely born to win.

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