ShahZaM Has Got Into A War Of Words With Sentinels CEO

The former Sentinels player vented via social media, claiming the org broke promises to him that saw the IGL be left out of the roster ahead of franchising.

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ShahZaM is not happy. I ©Riot Games

The 2023 competitive Valorant season is barely getting underway but we're no short of drama already after former Sentinels player Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan fired at his old team, stating that the organization broke a promise to the IGL which would have seen the 29-year-old be a part of Sentinels' roster for the franchised international leagues.

ShahZaM was a key component in Sentinels' dominant 2021 where they won two Masters events. Sadly, their year ended on a sour note after being eliminated in the group stages of Valorant Champions. 2022 was a nightmare for the squad, failing to qualify for a single international event, with their Last Chance Qualifier run marked by the shock signing of former CSGO star and popular streamer Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek and a disappointing exit of the tournament.

As a result and after plenty of rumors, the Sentinels roster revamp didn't include ShahZaM, who will now compete with G2 Esports in Valorant Challengers, the tier 2 of professional play looking to help the team secure a spot for the International Leagues (one they already had but kissed goodbye thanks to former CEO Ocelote) in 2024.

ShahZaM fired shots via social media after a seemingly harmless Sentinels Twitter video post in which their head coach spins a wheel to determine the team's strat for the Ludwig x Tarik Invitational. The current G2 player stated:

oh yeah, one time I spun the wheel and it landed on 'please play with shroud, we don’t care if you win just make it hype. we’ll personally guarantee you a spot in franchising if you do'

Sentinels CEO, Rob Moore directly responded to ShahZaM, stating that all the work ethic and commitment he showed in 2021 was nowhere to be seen last year, implying that was a big reason for the team underperforming.

After a third-party questioned Moore, asking why they lied to ShahZaM and broke a promise they had made, the CEO simply rebutted by commenting that people shouldn't be so gullible online, prompting yet another response from the former Sentinels IGL.

Moore simply said: "I did not," to that final ShahZaM question, putting an end to the beef, at least publicly. Sadly for those looking to see a storyline develop in-game, Sentinels and G2 Esports won't be playing each other anytime soon since one made it into the International Leagues and the other will have to fight its way from Challengers.


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