VCT Masters Copenhagen Winners: FunPlus Phoenix

VCT Masters Copenhagen 2022 just ended in a win for FunPlus Phoenix. So let's see everything that happened in the finals of VCT Copenhagen and how it lead to FunPlus Phoenix's win!

Fun Plus Phoenix Raise Trophy
FunPlus Phoenix raise the trophy at VCT Masters Copenhagen 2022! | © Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix just won VCT Masters Copenhagen 2022. Paper Rex is the first APAC team to reach the finals in a major tournament like this. And alongside FunPlus Phoenix, both teams took down OpTic to reach these finals, the titans who won VCT Masters Reykjavik. So let's check out how FunPlus Phoenix won VCT Masters Copenhagen throughout the maps!

VCT Copenhagen 2022 Finals First Map: Bind

The first map at VCT Copenhagen was Bind. Although the map was picked by Paper Rex, they lost it by a lot! They were struggling all the way, ending the first half in an 11-1 win for FunPlus Phoenix which was just really devastating for Paper Rex.

Bind First Half VCT Copen
Paper Rex gets devastated by FunPlus Phoenix on Bind! | © Riot Games

After the first half, Paper Rex got a bit more serious, but with no hope. The map Bind ultimately ended in a 13-3 win for FunPlus Phoenix. Though this was only the first step towards winning VCT Copenhagen 2022.

VCT Copenhagen 2022 Finals Second Map: Ice Box

Unlike the previous map, Paper Rex got serious for the second map Icebox. The first half on Ice Box ended in a 3-9 win for Paper Rex. FunPlus Phoenix had it rough after the previous map win with the fact that they picked the map Icebox.

Icebox VCT Copen
Everyone is cheering on VCT Masters Copenhagen! | © Riot Games

FPX tried their best even with the 9-3 curse in their hand. But Icebox ended in a 13-7 win for Paper Rex. The score between both teams was 1-1, so expectations were really high going into the next map.

VCT Copenhagen 2022 Finals Third Map: Fracture

The third map in these grand finals was Fracture, which was picked by Paper Rex. On this map is where the tension between Paper Rex and FunPlus Phoenix started to tighten, with the first half ending in a 6-6 draw.

Fracture Map
FPX getting a decent win on Fracture at VCT Copenhagen! | © Riot Games

Both teams went back and forth, with FunPlus Phoenix winning the first map, then Paper Rex winning the second. The same rule applies here, with FunPlus Phoenix eventually winning the map Fracture in a 13-7 result.

VCT Copenhagen 2022 Finals Fourth Map: Haven

Now everything started to become serious: if Paper Rex won, the matches continue onto the final decider one. If FunPlus Phoenix wins, the tournament ends in their triumph. The fourth map was Haven and everything was on the line for Paper Rex. The first half on Haven ended in a 7-5 win for Paper Rex.

Haven VCT Copen
The chaos on Haven at VCT Copenhagen! | © Riot Games

Everyone was on the tip of the edge with the best knife skins out there! That edge was overturned by Paper Rex, of course, ending Haven in a 13-7 win for themselves. With a 2-2 map result, next came the ultimate decider for who wins VCT Copenhagen.

VCT Copenhagen 2022 Finals Fifth Map: Breeze

The last decider map for VCT Copenhagen was Breeze. Paper Rex and FunPlus Phoenix gave it their everything for the title of winners. And the first half of the map ended in a 7-5 win for FunPlus Phoenix.

Breeze VCT Copen
The final decider match on Breeze was won by FunPlus Phoenix! | © Riot Games

The tension and gameplay continued on. Everything fell down to the second half of Breeze. They played with the best Phantom skins, and the map ended in a 13-9 win for FunPlus Phoenix.

Who won VCT Masters Copenhagen 2022?

FunPlus Phoenix won VCT Masters Copenhagen 2022 against Paper Rex! They won in a close tie with a 3-2 map score result. And the most interesting thing is, this was FPX's first major tournament!

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