Scoutle, The Valorant Wordle-like Game You Need To Try

Remember when Wordle exploded on social media with plenty of similar-looking games for more niche communities? Well, Valorant has its own!

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It's like Wordle but with Valorant! I ©Riot Games

Valorant fans that are looking to kill some time and test their esports knowledge are in for a treat! As some creative developers have come up with a Wordle-like web game that will surely interest you - Scoutle!

If you don't know Wordle, it's essentially a puzzle word game. You get five chances to try and figure out the word of the day, if you manage to guess a letter that's part of the word, that tile will turn yellow. If you guess both the letter and correct position, it'll turn green, so it's a fun and engaging method of killing some time!

With Wordle becoming such a hit, months later Scoutle was created. Now, don't think it features concepts and words tailored to Valorant as a whole, instead, it's dedicated to those following the esports scene wholeheartedly.

How To Play Scoutle, Valorant Guessing Game

The game's been out for a few weeks now, but thanks to a post on the Competitive Valorant subreddit, the creators revealed the database of players to guess has been updated with their current teams and stats!


So how do you actually play? Well, let's do some bullet points, everyone loves bullet points!

  • You have 10 tries to guess the daily player
  • When you go to the Scoutle site, you'll see different terms, try and guess the first player at random to get some clues as to what the actual answer is. There are five terms: NAT (Nationality), Team, MPA (Most Played Agent), KDA, and ACS (Average Combat Score)
  • Depending on how close you are to being correct, the tiles will change to orange or green. An example, if the daily player is from Sentinels and you guess a player from 100 Thieves, the TEAM marker will turn orange to indicate your guess is in the same continent. If it turns green that means you've guessed the team correctly and just need to find which player is it

Take a look at our example below, not bad right?

We nailed it! I ©Riot Games

So that's it! We hope you have fun. And don't forget to share it on social media.

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