Should Fans Stop Supporting Valorant Smurfing Content Creators?

Smurfing to create content such as "from Bronze to Radiant" has become a somewhat recurrent practice, and fans aren't happy about it.

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Riot keeps targetting smurfing, but some content creators incentivize it. I ©Riot Games

Smurfing is a massive problem not only in Valorant but plenty of other competitive titles, whether they're first-person shooters or any other kind of game with a ranked system in place.

Reasons for smurfing vary, some people just like to stroke their egos by abusing low-level players, maybe they're trying to play with friends at lower ranks - there's even a market for account boosting.

Then there's the "smurfing for content" aspect of things. Plenty of streamers at high ELO, whether they're popular or not, tend to create content taking advantage of how much better they're at the game than your average player.

Some do the classic "From Bronze to Radiant" runs, posing funny clips, moments, and clutches throughout their journey. A few others tend to make it more educational, which gives them bonus points from the community, however, it seems Valorant fans have had it with smurfs ruining their games.

Valorant Fans Want People To Stop Supporting "Smurfing For Content" Streamers

A Reddit post on the official Valorant subreddit has garnered almost 5k upvotes. In it, user DescriptionWorknig18 urges fans to stop tuning in and supporting streamers that abuse Riot's seeming lack of urgency when it comes to dealing with account smurfing.

Sheriff only to immortal! Knife only! Shorty only! HOW QUICKLY CAN I GET THIS IRON ACCOUNT TO RADIANT? Stay tuned I’m smurfing all the way to the top in one stream! It’s fun to watch, but it’s unethical. Smurf content does really well on YouTube because people love to watch low Elo players get destroyed. Everyone complains about Smurfs but continue to support creators who do it. Time to put your money where your mouth is and unsub from every creator you see smurfing for content.

Riot has been rolling out anti-smurf measurements with recent patches, sadly, it seems problems such as this one, account boosting, and hackers won't be completely resolved in the foreseeable future.


While we don't necessarily agree that all content creators should stop smurfing as there are plenty of opportunities for educational content, we do feel they should give a fair warning to their viewers about the idea of doing so with ulterior motives.

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