Harbor Disabled Due To Game-Breaking Bug - When Will He Be Back?

The latest Valorant patch brought buffs to Harbor, sadly, it enabled a game-breaking bug that has him disabled from the game.

Harbor valorant
Harbor mains are unable to play ranked! | © Riot Games

A big bug has slipped under the cracks with the latest Valorant update, patch 5.10, which has led to Riot Games disabling their latest Agent, Harbor, from competitive play.

Ironic, considering the patch brought some much-needed buffs to Harbor, a Controller that doesn't seem to be up to par with characters like Viper, who is still miles ahead of the Indian Agent in the same role.

The buff, which was an extra charge to his Cascade ability might seem inconsequential at first, but having an extra tool to flush out opponents can be key in certain scenarios.

In any case, Harbor mains won't be able to try out this new change in ranked for the foreseeable future, as a massive game-breaking bug also shipped with the update, and it involves Harbor's ultimate ability.

Why Was Harbor Disabled From Valorant Ranked?

As it turns out, Harbor's ultimate ability, Reckoning, creates massive lag spikes for all players in the server, making it a permanent nuisance that makes matches nigh unplayable.

The announcement was made via Valorant's social media platforms. Oddly enough, the English post was deleted, however, other regional accounts dedicated to Latin America, Brazil, Portugal, and Italy (to name a few) still have the statement up.

When Will Harbor Be Back?

Sadly, we don't have a concrete timeline for him to return to competitive play. Knowing Riot Games, we're sure they won't rest until the issue is resolved and could launch a hotfix in the coming days.


Alternatively, it could take until the next update, patch 5.11, for the issue to be fully settled. Alas, game development is tough after all.

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