Valorant Streamer Banned From Twitch For Showing Furry Content

SoaR Gaming's Bumpaah showed off a clip of two fully clothed people wearing fursuits humping on stream, enough to get him off the platform for a few days.

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Turns out two people doing suggestive poses while fully clothed is not permitted on Twitch. I © Bumpaah

Valorant streamers, like many others on Twitch, oftentimes delve into what it's called "variety" content. Maybe it's out of boredom, burnout, or they have a specific day to allow their communities to engage with content beyond Riot Games' tactical shooter - whatever the case, it's a nice change of pace for both creators and fans alike.

The variety aspect of it can mean different things - maybe it's just a chill Just Chatting session, trying out the latest game releases, themed streams (particularly popular during Halloween!), etc. For SoaR Gaming's Bumpaah, going off the beaten path ended up leading him to a bizarre Twitch ban for accidentally showing two people wearing fursuits doing, err, let's call suggestive poses.

The banned occurred on October 28 with Bumpaah explaining via social media that he got banned from Twitch for "showing two people in full fur suits humping."

The video in question, which you can see below (why would you?) sees exactly what Bumpaah describes, two people wearing fursuits pretending to have sex with each other.

Bumpaah later updated his fans on the situation of his ban, revealing that he got his ban reduced to only three days, meaning he'll be back in time for October 31st and a potential neat Halloween celebration stream. Bumpaah has a decent following with over 80k followers on Twitch, so it'll most likely be a fun one if it does happen!

Maybe, if he does end up making a celebration stream, let's try to stir away from furry content this time, ok?

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