These Oni 2.0 Skins Are Way Too Good!

Oni is one of the most iconic skin collections in all of Valorant, which is why talented fans are recreating a 2.0 version.

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A slick Oni recolor. I ©Riot Games

UPDATE: The official Oni 2.0 skins have been revealed, and they include a Vandal cosmetic and a sick new katana!

Original story:

Some Valorant skin collections have reached an iconic status within the community, and Oni is definitely one of them. As one of the first premium cosmetics to be released, launching in July 2020, Oni has a special place in the hearts of a lot of fans.

Like other popular collections, talks of a 2.0 version is not out of the realm of possibility, especially since the original bundle doesn't include skins for the Vandal and the Operator, two highly popular guns in Riot's tactical shooter.

Now, thanks to community member Vegod, we are getting a peek into what an Oni 2.0 collection could look like. The creator has made mock-ups of other popular skinlines - in fact, he recently came up with a concept for an Ion Vandal and wouldn't you know it? Days later, Riot confirmed an actual Ion 2.0 bundle that included a skin for the popular rifle.

This time, instead of just showing what other guns look like with an Oni style, Vegod has also focused on recolors of original weapons. Having said that, it doesn't mean we're missing out on a more classic Oni Vandal look!

There's even an Oni Katana Melee that simply looks to stunning to not be in the game.

It's important to remember that this is a fanmade project, and while Vegod had a bit of luck in terms of timing with the Ion Vandal mock-up, it doesn't necessarily mean Riot's next collection involves Oni in any way, shape, or form.

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