Valorant Player Wins Tournament Match From Hospital Bed

Playing in Valorant tournaments is one thing, but winning from the hospital is another. That's exactly what the Valorant player Nishil Shan from the hospital has done and won a tournament match!

Valorant Player Hospital Bed Tournament Win Banner
Winning straight from the hospital bed! | © Twitter @nishil08

The pro Valorant esports scene has been in a mess with all of the franchising happening with Riot Games. But when you overlook that, you'll see some precious moments like the Valorant player Nishil Shan winning a tournament game from his hospital bed! With all the twists and turns, let's see how this Valorant hospital tournament game has concluded.

Nishil Shan Wins Tournament Game From Hospital Bed

Nishil Shah is a Valorant player that's currently playing and competing for Old Dominion University (ODU) in the Collegiate Valorant Circuit. He suffers from pancreatitis, so because of an emergency, Nishil was prompted to be hospitalized. But during this time, a match against West Virginia Wesleyan College was scheduled.

Due to Nishil being hospitalized, it was requested that this match should be rescheduled. The team Old Dominion University was supposed to play against refused a reschedule though. So Nishil Shah competed from his hospital bed with the best Valorant knife skins!

Now here's where it gets interesting, as the game's format was a "best out of 3" to be played on 3 different maps. And even from his hospital bed, Nishil played with Old Dominion University and helped them win 2-0 with each map being 13-1 and 13-3!

As you could've noticed, Nishil's conditions for pro play weren't on point. Besides the obvious high lag, ping, and packet loss you can get from a hospital, you can see that Nishil's mouse pad was his sister's laptop case. Yet still, the funniest part about winning a tournament game from the hospital has to be the in-game comms with no tilt included. Just see for yourself how Nishil asks for a 5-minute break to get his shots!

And that's how the master of his Valorant skills Nishil won a tournament game from his hospital bed! Would you be able to win such a game in those conditions? Make sure you visit our Instagram account and let us know!