Valorant Agents As Pokémon NPCs Look Incredible!

Gaming crossovers that go hard and we didn't know we needed: Pokémon x Valorant!

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Can we have these as gun buddies? I ©Riot Games

With games like Fortnite dominating the gaming crossover landscape, with virtually any franchise in the world having a shot at joining the battle royale, fans of other properties often imagine what would their favorite characters look if they were part of another IP, and that includes Valorant players.

There are many imaginative and talented people within the community, reimagining Valorant Agents in many sorts of ways. Maybe they're wearing some casual outfits during their day off or are cosplaying as a character from the latest hit anime. However, our favorite crossover has to be the recent Pokémon x Valorant mashup!

This incredible crossover comes via Reddit user mostinfamousmofo (great name). They shared all 20 playable Valorant Agents reimagined as Pokémon NPCs, taking heavy inspiration from the Game Boy Advance era of titles such as Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and the Gen 1 remakes Leaf Green and Fire Red.

We can definitely picture them as Gym Leaders. I ©Riot Games

The creator stated:

Made this a few months back, besides Harbor of course, but I didn't wanna post it just yet until the 20th agent was announced for that sweet symmetry. Ended up forgetting about it up until just a while ago and decided to finally complete it.

These aren't entirely original by the way as I mostly mixed and matched existing NPC's from the games, and changed the colors. Though I took creative liberties whenever it was needed, like Omen

We can totally picture Valorant Agents as Gym Leaders! We hope Riot takes notice and decides to implement these designs into the game. Imagine if they came up with a slick line of Gun Buddies based on them. Take our money!

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