Cypher Buffs Are Coming Soon

With new Agents and constant balance changes to others, it seems the forgotten Sentinel might see some love.

Cypher is one of the most under utilized characters. I ©Riot Games

Balancing a game like Valorant is extremely hard. Not only do you have to think about how an Agent fills a role they've been given, like Duelists, Sentinels, or Initiators, but you also need to take into account how all their abilities interact with other roles and even map designs.

As the meta progresses and new Agents are being released, it's been abundantly clear that some characters are simply not good enough to even be in the conversation of becoming viable picks, even if niche ones - Cypher is in such a spot.

The role of the Sentinel in Valorant is essentially to prevent attackers from rushing site by locking it down with different tools, in the case of Cypher, tripwires, technological "cages" that function as smokes, and cameras to detect whether they're rotating or if someone is trying to lurk.

In recent months, other Sentinels simply are too important to not be meta, like Sage, while others are outright the best characters in the Agent, like Chamber. Not only could he cover lurks with his utility, but he could also easily fill the role of an OPer in a team due to how versatile he is.

Luckily for Cypher mains, the Agent is due for buffs according to Riot Games developers. During the recent New Act Developer Hangout, Riot revealed their intentions of tuning Cypher to make him more viable.

"Something that players can look forward to is that we are buffing Cypher. That'll be coming soon."

What the buff will look like remains to be seen, however, you can be sure we'll be covering it extensively once it launches!

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