Valorant Patch 5.08 - Agent Harbor, Episode 5 Act 3 Start & More

Don't miss out on this massive update to kick off Valorant's latest Act which comes with a new Agent and some quality-of-life changes!

Valorant New Agent Harbor Banner
New Controller main right here. I © Riot Games

Valorant patch 5.08 is here and is packed with content. We've talked about most of it already, including the highly anticipated release of Agent 21, Harbor, the latest Controller to join the tactical shooter.

Naturally, the patch also brings a new battle pass with the start of Episode 5 Act 3, so if you want to check out all the weapon skins we have a dedicated article right here.

Still, there are some changes worth reminding you of, so let's get down to the nitty gritty and tell you what patch 5.08 brings to the table.

Valorant Patch 5.08 - Full Notes

New Agent Harbor goes live



  • Fixed an issue where friendly versions of area-damage abilities could overwrite enemy versions of those abilities to deal less damage
  • Fixed a bug where Viper’s Toxic Screen could have small gaps around ground level in specific map locations

Gameplay Systems

Fixed various minimap bugs:

  • Ally position indicators would persist on the edge of minimap even after ally came back into view
  • In some cases, KAY/O’s Suppression Blade position indicator could appear twice on the minimap
  • Opening the larger map (defaulted to Caps Lock and ‘M’) during round transition could cause spawn barriers to appear as a single pixel
  • “Recently Seen Enemy” icon indicators could sometimes update their position without the enemy being visible



  • Fixed a sliver line of sight from A Main to A Link

And there you have it! We'll have more stuff prepped as we get familiarized with all the changes in the coming days.

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