A 3D Harbor Billboard Is Taking Over One Of The World's Coolest Cities

3D Billboards are the current craze when it comes to advertising and Riot Games joined the party with an incredible Harbor ad in Dubai.

Harbor agent
Harbor looking hype! I © Riot Games

Harbor has been a pretty fun Agent to mess around with. Having not only the benefit of being the first new Controller since Astra in 2021 but the first Agent to join the ever-expanding roster of characters since Fade over six months ago, Harbor certainly meet the expectations of Valorant fans.

Still, after his release, Harbor players are exploring ways to get the most out of the character, figuring out lineups, how to best use his versatile utility, and much more.

Riot Games wants to keep riding this hype train and decided to hop in on the 3D billboard craze which has taken over some of the biggest cities in the world. If you've been around the internet long enough, you've probably run into the now iconic and perhaps most famous spot - the Shinjuku 3D billboard in Tokyo, Japan.

Of course, other prominent locations such as New York, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas also have 3D billboards. Dubai, being the cutting-edge metropolis that has become in recent years, also boasts one - this is where you'll find this amazing Harbor advertisement.

The ad is split between two different screens. In one, Harbor can be seen showing off his abilities and waving at curious bystanders. After a few seconds, he shoots a water-based ability onto the other screen, revealing Valorant's branding for people to see.

Take a look at it down below.

Pretty neat right? We hope to see more of these ads for future Agents or even fan-favorites like Sage, Viper, or Reyna! Imagine a Viper's pit clouding an entire billboard? We bet it'd look pretty sick!

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