Here's Why Spike Rush Sucks

Spike Rush is that one game mode that nobody doesn't really care much about. Like, nobody. And that's a pity, because there is so much wasted potential.

Spike rush actually sucks
Spike Rush could really be so much better. | © Riot Games

Spike Rush is a mode that's always in the game; it never rotates, and yet it is only useful for quickly leveling up your Battle Pass and completing Daily Missions. But besides that... well, nobody likes Spike Rush, it's a bad game mode. It's absurd how much lost potential there is in this game mode, which is why we decided to list 3 of our ideas that could make Spike Rush good. And here they are!

Things We Would Change About Spike Rush

Add More Control For Your Weapon Picks

Spike Rush Shorty
Why is Shorty even available in Spike Rush? | © Riot Games

The first thing why players hate Spike Rush is the fact that they have virtually zero control over their weapon picks; it's totally random... and it doesn't have to be! It would be great if players had the option to choose one or two additional weapons, like being able to swap the Classic for the Ghost during a pistol round, or choosing between the Operator, Phantom, or Vandal.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to weapons, and it would be nice to have some level of choice. With this change, Spike Rush could be a good mode for casual players to practice and for more competitive players to warm up.

Make Golden Gun Orb Less Common

Don't get us wrong, we don't mind the Golden Gun orb being in the game, but it definitely should be much less common. It feels like it's too easy to win a round just by getting the Golden Gun orb, and it's just absurd. Plus, this orb is not creative at all; we could get much better orbs in the game. For example, we think that it would be great if Riot would implement stuff like a Knife-only orb or a KAY/O-like Suppression orb. These orbs allow players to use their effects creatively and develop new strategies to defeat the enemy team.

Add The Ability To Play All Agents Available

The last thing we really dislike about Spike Rush is the fact that you can't play Agents that you haven't unlocked yet. Like, why? Honestly, we don't see a single reason why you shouldn't have all Agents unlocked for this mode. Allowing players to try out all of the Agents in Spike Rush would be a great way to let them get a feel for the characters and make informed decisions about which ones to unlock.

Moreover, as the game continues to add more Agents, this option to experiment with different characters will become increasingly important. If Riot is concerned about players using Agents they haven't unlocked, they could implement a minor XP penalty for players who choose an Agent they haven't unlocked. Still, would that even be necessary?

We don't think that the concept of Spike Rush is bad at all, we see a lot of potential. However, without some extra love from developers, it will stay the way it is. Anyway, what do YOU think about Spike Rush? Be sure to go to our Facebook page and let us know!

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