Ultimate Guide To Rank Gun Buddies in Valorant

Rank gun buddies are one of the most swaggy gun buddies you can own, especially if you are good at the game. So, let's learn how to get one!

Rank buddy episode 5
Let's flex a little! | © Riot Games

If you already have super-expensive skins, why not decorate them with gun buddies showing your skill level, especially if you have ranks such as Immortal or Radiant? You can do it through special rank gun buddies, which we will discuss today in this article.

First, we will briefly explain what rank gun buddies are, and then we will explain how you can get them. No worries, it's not rocket science!

What are Rank Gun Buddies in Valorant?

Rank gun buddies are a unique type of gun buddy that reflect your highest rank achieved in the previous Episode. So, for example, even if you've dropped from Diamond to Silver over the Acts, you'll still get a Diamond gun buddy to flex around. As a reminder, each episode consists of 3 Acts, each lasting approximately two months, meaning that you can get around two rank gun buddies a year.

How To Get Rank Gun Buddies

Thank you for your compettive climb
Just play ranked and win, lol. | © Riot Games

Your rank gun buddies will be added to your collection automatically at the end of the current Valorant Episode (not Act, Episode). So, the only way to get them is to play ranked games and climb the ranks! You can't purchase them in the store or obtain them through any other way than playing ranked and climbing.

With all that said, you might want to try getting better at the game, as it can truly work as a flex tool, and who doesn't like to flex a little? Anyone can buy skins, but not everyone can have a good aim with them, so be sure to check out our guide on 10 Tips To Get Better & Rank Up in Valorant

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