Valorant: Best Players In Every Role

People always find idols to look up to and learn from. Valorant is best learned from someone that is better than you, and there is no better way of improving than to watch the best player in your role. Here are the best of the best.

Ten Z Best Player
TenZ is an idol of many, regardless off whether he's in the list or not | © Riot Games

Valorant's agents are split into roles or classes. Each role has utilities that serve a purpose that enables that role to do certain duties. To learn more about Valorant's roles check All Valorant Classes Explained.

Who Is The Best Initiator Player In Valorant

We will start off with the role that you will rarely have in your team in lower-rank games.

Here's what the initiator's duties are in Valorant:

  • To Be Selfless
  • Enable Your Duelists to Entry & Cook
  • Utility providing & timings

The team's that hottest right now in Valorant Champions 2023 is Fnatic regardless of their recent drop to lower brackets. They've played phenomenal Valorant lately and just recently dropped their huge win streak. Fnatic Leo is one of the reasons why they are playing so well, and it just so happens for him to be one of the best Initiators in the Valorant pro scene.

Initiators rarely get praise for their plays as they don't usually get the spotlight or frags. Whenever you see Derke or Boater shining, know that Leo set that up and they feel really good about it.

Who Is The Best Controller Player In Valorant

Controllers are the skeletons of any team comp. There's rarely any team composition that has no controller agents on it.

Here's what the controller duties are in Valorant:

  • Smoke
  • "Control" the playing field
  • Be aware of everything going on around you

DRX will face Fnatic tonight in a lower-bracket match for survival. They have secured top 6 which is a very high placement considering the importance of Valorant Champions 2023, and one of the reasons for it is their star Controller - Mako.

What Is The DRX Valorant Roster?

He's been one of the most consistent players for his team and averaged a 1.22 rating in their Upper Bracket win versus Bilibili Gaming.

Who Is The Best Sentinel Player In Valorant

Sentinels are most commonly found as the In-Game leaders in Valorant and dictate the gameplay tempo for their teams.

If we're looking for the best Sentinel player right now, we need to look at who's the best Killjoy in Champions 2023. The meta dictates the picks, and Killjoy is in every team comp at this prestigious event. You might say we are biased towards Fnatic but no, they've just played clean so far in this season. Fnatic Alfajer is the type of Sentinel to single-handedly out frag his duelists and carry his team hard through the games.

There's simply no better Killjoy than Alfa right now. His journey is wild and tough, to the point where he had to play against the only team from his Homeland in Champions 2023 and kick them out of the tournament.

Who Is The Best Duelist Player In Valorant

This is the role that's most picked in pubs, usually more than needed. To be the best duelist in Valorant, you have to be better than a LOT of players as the competition is stuffed.

How To Play Duelist Agents? | Valorant Class Guide

With a lot of candidates being extremely good, it's really hard to single out one really good duelist that stands out. The two duelists that really made themselves stand out from the big crowd are Aspas & ZmjjKK. They are playing against each other tonight at Champions in a lower bracket elimination match, and whoever wins will be the sole King of the Duelist Role.

On the Champions 2023 stats chart, the player with the most kills so far is LOUD Aspas, so we will give the duelist honors to him respectfully. The reigning champions have a lot at stake this season, as they haven't performed well so far. A win and title defense at Los Angeles will redeem them from any bad performance.

Who Is The Best Flex Player In Valorant

Flex players are your "fill-ins" in pubs that just wait until the timer runs out and pick whatever's needed in the team comp.

Hybrid players are needed by any team comp, as it makes their decision-making easier, and team comp more flexibility to play on. There are a number of candidates so far that have shown immense versatility. The one that stood out the most is EG Demon1.

He has so far played:

  • 11 Games of Jett - 248 ACS / 1.21 Rating
  • 2 Games of Chamber - 204 ACS / 1.07 Rating
  • 2 Games of Brimstone - 279.5 ACS / 1.58 Rating
  • 2 Games of Astra - 222 ACS / 1.19 Rating

He's been one of the most consistent players so far in Champions, but also the one to have a loud mouth as well. Being involved in the most drama & trash-talking situations so far at Champions made his popularity skyrocket. But considering his performance he put his money where his mouth is so it's all justified.


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