Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs: Day 5 Schedule, Table & Expectation

The playoffs have been wild so far, and day 5 will be special because fan favorites LOUD, DRX, Fnatic & EDG will be playing their survival matches. Here's all you need to know about it.

DR Xvs Fnatic
Who will be the one to go home?! | © Riot Games

Reaching the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals is surely an achievement worth bragging about, but once you're here your ambitions tend to rise which ends up in extremely stressful moments while playing them.

Valorant Champions Playoffs Day 4 Recap

The previous day was filled with excitement and late drama.

Here's what was going on on day 4:

LOUD vs Paper Rex

  • Map 1 Lotus: LOUD 13:15 PRX
  • Map 2 Split: LOUD 13:2 PRX
  • Decider Map Pearl: 10:13 PRX

DRX vs Evil Geniuses

  • Map 1 Fracture: DRX 9:13 EG
  • Map 2 Lotus: DRX 4:13 EG
  • Decider Map Split: //

Where To Watch Day 5 Playoffs Valorant Champions 2023

Champions 2023 has two types of streams in which you can follow the event. The Official ones with commentary, or the watch parties that are streamed primarily by the content creators.

Valorant Champions 2023 Streamer Watch Parties

These are the more popular streamers' watch parties you might be interested in:

  • Tarik
  • Subroza
  • Kyedae
  • ShahZam
  • Kuba
  • Mixwell

In the tweet below you can see the other official Watch Parties that you can tune in to during Champions 2023

Official Champions 2023 Streams With Commentary

English Stream (Primary):

German Stream:

French Stream:

Turkish Stream:

Latin American (ES) Stream:

Filipino Stream:

Valorant Champions Playoffs Day 5 Schedule

Day 5 will be the first day of Champions that will be crowdless. Los Angeles will have severe weather problems, and there will be no live audience. Everyone that has a ticket for the day will be refunded, and this status will probably stay until the weather normalizes.

Severe Weather Announcement
Unlucky moment for the once that were planning to attend | © Riot Games

Here's the schedule for the Playoffs Day 5 games:

  • LOUD vs EDward Gaming - 9:00 PM CEST / 12:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM ET
  • DRX vs Fnatic - 11:00 PM CEST / 2:00 PM PT / 5:00 PM ET

Valorant Champions Playoffs Day 5 Expectations & Head to Heads

LOUD vs EDward Gaming Expectations

The Brazilians started off the event quite slowly, and the public's expectations got lower for their final placement at this year's Champions. The deeper we went into the event the better LOUD became, and they've already secured a top 6 finish.

EDG on the other hand is the team that surprised everyone at Masters Tokyo and continues to do so in Los Angeles as well. Kang Kang is a beast, and as long as his hand is on fire, EDG's confidence stays high.

There is no doubt that this matchup will be close, with LOUD having the slight upper hand over EDG. Both teams can outperform themselves and take the W.

DRX vs Fnatic Expectations

The team from the "One Team Region" *insert drama*, even said themselves that they were expecting their win streak to end eventually. Regardless of the lost game vs LOUD, Fnatic are still on top in terms of the Title Expectations, and this lower-bracket journey won't change anything.

DRX are the clear underdogs in this one, and their recent bad performance against EG showed that they might not have what it takes to go forward in the event. There is room for upsets and excitement, but the general public opinion is that Fnatic will roll past anyone in the lower bracket up until they reach the Grand Finals.

Boaster is more than ready for this one. Bring it on.

Valorant Champions Playoffs Day 5 Head to Heads

Here's how the teams did against each other in the previous times that they've met:


  • VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo: LOUD 0:2 EDG

DRX vs Fnatic

  • VCT Champions 2021: DRX 1:2 Fnatic
  • VCT Champions 2022: DRX 2:1 Fnatic


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