What Is The BiliBili Gaming Valorant Roster

BLG is one of the Chinese teams that managed to win at the first China qualifier for Champions and leave a mark for themselves this year. This is their roster and you need to know about them!

Bili Bili Pistol Pointing
BLG with the sauce after eliminating NRG from Champions | © Riot Games

If you didn't know much about Chinese Valorant teams, this Champions 2023 will teach you a lot about them. There are two teams from China that managed to go through the playoffs and Bilibili Gaming is one of them.

Valorant Champions 2023: Bilibili Gaming Roster

Bilibili is an online video-sharing platform in China, but also the owner of BLG Valorant. Bilibili is a fairly new team and has been around in Valorant since February 20 2023 when they first signed their Valorant roster. Since then, a lot has changed and they recently participated in a VCT event, which caught our attention.

That event was the Chinese Qualifiers for Champions 2023 where they managed to get 2nd place and successfully qualify to this year's Champions. While being fairly recognized as underdogs, BLG has only lost to Fnatic which are the best team right now, and has won against teams like ZETA DIVISION & NRG whom they both kicked out of this prestigious event.

This is the BLG roster that is currently competing at Valorant Champions 2023:

NameNicknameRoleJoin Date
Zhong JianfeiBiankPlayer/IGL2023-04-11
Wang HaozhewhzyPlayer2023-02-20
Li LeweirinPlayer2023-02-20
Liu YuxiangKnightPlayer2023-05-03
yosemiteLei WangPlayer2023-05-03
Lu Zhi NankaiSubstitute2023-03-22
Yu JunLostMeSubstitute2023-04-11
Wang LinxiaoJeXeNHead Coach2023-//-//
Gu ChaoparisAssistant Coach2023-//-//

Valorant Bilibili Gaming Achievements

As this team is super new, they don't have much to offer in terms of achievements so far, and their placement in this year's Champions will be their best one so far. They've previously played the FGC Valorant Invitational 2023: Act 2 which is an online Chinese invite-only tournament. This was the follow-up event for the China Qualifiers for Champions, and their 2nd place there earned them a spot at the qualifiers.

If you haven't been following much of Champions, BLG is currently in the Quarter Finals of the Playoff Stage at Champions and are guaranteed top-8 & a minimum of $50,000 in prize money. Check out Valorant Champions 2023: Playoff Seed & Expectations for more on this.


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